Ringing in 2016

from Growing up Fast

Well 2015 has finally come to an end.  I’ll be honest I’m glad its over. Racing wise this has been a really tough year for me and I’m ready for the new year so I can focus on the brightness of the present and the future rather than the gloom of the past.  Like every negative thing that happens there is a positive side that is often hidden in the cracks that you have to dig to find.  You can learn from everything you do no matter good or bad.  While 2015 has been a rough year I have taken a lot away from it and feel like I have learned a ton about myself, both personally as well as running wise.

Pushing aside the old year let us look toward 2016!! So much is going on in the beginning of the year.  In the beginning of January I’ll be turning 19 and in just 44 days it will be the US Olympic Marathon Trials in LA! Crazy how fast that has approached.  I am all healthy and in the swing of training; working on my fitness both physically and mentally.

My big news for the year though is that I have signed with a shoe sponsor!! I am now sponsored by On, which is a Swiss Performance Running Shoe Company. After everything that happened with New York to have this opportunity means a lot to me and I am excited to represent On this year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

People always like to go with the saying “New Year, New Me” during this time and I feel like this is appropriate for right now.  Now that I have had a semester to transition to college life I will be trying to update my blog more as well as my different social media accounts to keep everyone informed on whats happening in the strange (a good strange ;P) life of Alana.

Happy New Year everyone, may your runs be fun!


-Alana <3

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