Remembering Granny

from Sandi’s Facebook

8 years ago, I went on a cruise with my best friend Stephanie Rivers and her family. I remember her telling me we had to room with her Granny, and images of going to bed at 8pm and listening to life lessons flashed through my mind. Little did I know, Granny was about to teach us how to be the LIFE of the party. Her charisma overwhelmed me, and she made that cruise to Mexico SO much fun! Even for a couple of teenage girls! She was just like one of us, just a “little older” she said, as she danced around the room in her towel fresh out of the shower . Not too long ago, I got a really sad call from Stephanie to tell me that fun-loving Granny had passed away. Although this made me cry, some of the tears were also of happiness. Granny had looked at Steph and asked how “that fun little blonde girl we took on the cruise” was. She was talking about me. She asked about me on her death bed. You never know how you might impact the lives of others… without even knowing it. RIP granny! I know you’re surely shaking your tail feathers up there in heaven! Xoxoxo

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