Remembering David Torrence

Photo from @HokaLIMile on Twitter

Yesterday, the athletic community was met with the devastating news of David Torrence’s untimely passing. He was a fearless champion of athlete rights and an equally fearless runner. He “brought it” every time at distances from 800m to 5000m and was well-loved in all circles of our sport. Read below for memories, thoughts, and reactions from those he touched on and off the track.


from Heather Kampf on Facebook
I met David Torrence in Maui in 2011. A whole crew of us ran the Front Street Mile and then decided it would be fun to jump off a cliff afterwards. Apparently we were the adrenaline junkies of the group…most decided one jump was enough, but David and I wanted to go again, so we jumped together. Whenever I think of DT, I think of this guy- he wasn’t afraid to take risks, to work hard for what he wanted, to genuinely connect with people…to live life to the fullest. He’s accomplished more, inspired more, and touched lives of more people than many of us could hope to do in our lifetimes. I’m just so sad and sorry to learn that his time is done way too soon.
Praying for all who knew and loved him, especially his family in this tragic time.

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