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The next hit Beyoncé sings better be about a new queen: our favorite Aussie Heidi See recaptured her Australian National title and WON the Australian Olympic Trials on Saturday!!

*cue the happy dance*

By now you’ve definitely heard the news, so I know this isn’t a revelation to you. But I wanted to pop by and give you a little bit of insight as to why this means so much to the rest of Furman Elite.


Heidi is an original member of the group; she, Jeff, and Cory took a big leap of faith by leaving their respective set-ups in Ohio and New York to try something revolutionary with Coach Robert Gary down at Furman. Jeff and Cory knew a bit of what they were getting into with Robert, but Heidi had never been coached by him; it was probably a huge change for her, as it was for all of us who followed this trio down to Greenville over the years.

Heidi had an outstanding career as a junior, but as she’s said in interviews, she struggled during her late teens and early twenties. When I first began training with Heidi in the fall of 2013, she’d had some personal bests and made some improvements (that year, she was runner-up in her national championship), but the best was yet to come…


In my opinion, the major breakthrough began in 2015. Heidi finished off her indoor track season by smashing her 3,000m PB, breaking the 9 minute barrier and winning her last race in sassy style. It was a beautiful, smooth performance– I’d never seen her race so confidently. She took that confidence with her to Australia, where she came out of nowhere (to the announcers, who didn’t mention her until the very last 100 meters!) to win her first national title.

Fast forward to 2016. There was a level of fearlessness and courage in Heidi that started as she ramped up her training to have the best fall of her life and head to Australia fitter and faster than she’d ever been in her time with Furman Elite. She’d smashed major workouts, she’d built up so much strength, and she had a level of happiness that was inspiring. Having the championship race in her hometown was probably the icing on top of the cake– the race played out perfectly for her signature speedy closing style, and she powered through the finish line like the repeat champion we all knew she was destined to be.


All this is to say that Heidi is the epitome of the success story we all long to have. I feel honored to have witnessed the work that goes on behind the scenes– the physical, mental, and emotional work– that led Heidi to two beautiful podium finishes. There is so much more on the horizon for Mama Kitty, but she’s building up a pretty nice trophy case career!

We love you Heidi!

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