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Can you relate?…


I’ve been finding that the more I learn about Jesus, the more eager I am to get out and serve the world. Now this has sometimes gotten to the point where I question the value of whatever tasks I’m doing now. The big question: WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? Am I serving it?


I hope I am not alone in this thus far. Here’s where it gets a bit more specific to athletics… coming back from an injury it is not unique to question “Am I even good at this anymore?” Maybe you feel that way in your job- am I even good at this? Is there value in what I am doing? Can I be doing more?


As a growing Christian, I’ve learned step one: PRAY about it. ‘God, make it clear the path I am supposed to take. Give me clarity.’ Well, there are no big flashy arrows pointing me one way or another. [Although last summer there basically were big flashy arrows pointing me to Phoenix!] However, I came across Matthew 25 just the other day as I sat by the ocean after a pre-meet workout. Here’s a summary of what it says:


Matthew 25: 14-30 Parable of the Three Servants (SUMMARY)


A man was leaving home on a trip and left his 3 servants with an amount of money according to what they were capable of handling. The first servant was left with 5,000 coins. The second servant was left with 2,000 coins to manage. The final servant was left with 1,000 coins. The first two servants went out, invested the coins, and doubled what they had originally been given. The third servant dug a hole in the ground and deposited his coins there. When the master returned home, he was delighted with both the first and second servant, for they had faithfully managed their allotted amounts. “Come on in and share my happiness.” The third servant presented his 1,000 coins to the master and explained that he was afraid, so he hid them in the ground. The master was displeased and took the money away from him, giving it to the first servant.


We have all been given different gifts of varying sizes. Go and make the most of what you have been given. For me this means; pour your heart into the track as a way of faithfully serving the Lord. Do not concern yourself with the marks of other athletes or the marks you have previously posted. Go today and make the most of the gifts of today! Being a faithful servant means to work in a way that glorifies God and trust Him to use you in whatever ways He has planned! Do not fret about not being good enough, for if you are doing everything ‘heartily as to the Lord’, he is pleased. When you pour your trust into Him, fear subsides. Don’t hide your coins because of your fleshly burdens (pride, people-pleasing, doubt, perfectionism), but take a risk and leave it to God.


Who has been through this? I’d love to hear your wisdom! Please comment or send a message.


In other news, here’s my life update:


The high school season is coming to a close and I am sad that I will not be seeing these kids on daily basis until next season. They all seem to have found a spot in my heart. Looking back to day one, I didn’t expect to have this deep of a relationship with these kids. I genuinely experience their delight and their disappointments after races and throughout life occurrences that they choose to share with me. I was laughing the other day when I was named “track mom” by some of the gals on the team. My track family 🙂 has grown so much bigger this year! Something pretty cool: on a day I was struggling to feel like I was contributing to God’s greater purpose, I had about 8 gals on the teams ask if they could come to church with me! OF COURSE! Happy heart.


Spending some time in the Word after pre-meet workout
Spending some time in the Word after pre-meet workout
My first letter from a high school athlete I coach. hehe
My first letter from a high school athlete that I coach. hehe!
Competition view
Competition view
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