Preparing to Take on the World

Training has been going great since nationals. I train at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and this summer we are in the process of getting a facility overhaul. This is really exciting for our track program and the school and community. Many people use the facility for workouts and recreation. The adjacent grass field is also being turned into a turf practice field for the football and soccer teams.

Construction began the week of 4th of July, since then my coaches and I have been adjusting around the construction and making it work. At first the project manager was not jazzed about us being on the track with construction going on in various parts of the facility. Ya know, liability, insurance, blah blah. But after my coach and I explained that we were training for World Championships next month he was more open to allowing us to use the track as long as we avoided the immediate areas they were working on. But after a couple weeks of that we lost the infield, so no javelin, and the shot ring was torn up since it will be moved to a new location. Also, the HJ apron and LJ pit were nearing the top of the Demo list. So, we had to change locations.

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We have since been out at Cuesta Community College. It’s a bittersweet feeling because I am really excited for the new track and facility, but I was also not psyched about changing up my routine in preparation for World Championships. Cal Poly’s track is like home to me, and I’m not a fan of feeling like I’ve been kicked out of my own house. But so far it has worked out great! I’m thankful that Cuesta is an open facility and the track is available all-day long. Also, there is hardly ever anyone else on the track so we have the full run of the facility. The track at Cuesta is much newer than Cal Poly (not for long) and feels like running on a cloud in comparison. Probably the best part is the unfamiliar environment gives a new flare to training that is just enough spark to end to monotony and boost my adrenaline enough to make workouts a bit easier.

This same feeling is what I will expect to experience when I get to training camp in the UK next week.

As far as event specific work, everything feels like its lining up nicely for competition in London. My harder running workouts are feeling easier and I’m hitting competition marks at practice in my throwing events; which is not common for me, I’m not the best “practice player” as some might say.

I’m excited to go back to London, it’s one of my favorite cities! I’m also looking forward to competing at the Olympic Stadium once again. I haven’t been back since the 2012 Olympics. Everything is moving in the right direction in preparation for World Championships, I’m just counting down the days until I head across the pond!


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    You know we are all rooting for you and anxious to see you compete in London. Work hard on that gather step in the long jump. Watching you in Sacramento assured us that you are very capable of a 21′ jump. Everything just has to come together. Have some fun!

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