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The Race

With my race fresh on my mind, I figured that I would start there.


Since 2009, I felt like I have not had a solid break through in the 5000m, where I dropped a shocking 26 seconds off my PB! I was hurt for the next track season, then getting back into shape for the one after. In 2012 I only shaved a paltry 3 seconds off of an already three year old PB. The next year I took another 6 seconds off, but I still felt that I had much more to give. Last year, I ran between 13:40 and 13:42 four times, twice occurring on the roads. Then this year at Mt. SAC I once again ran 13:40, totaling that number to five times in a year! At least I was consistent. I was beginning to get frustrated with little jumps here and there, especially when I knew that I was much fitter than the times I was running. So coming into this last weekend I was hoping for a big jump.


I have been riding high since breaking 4 minutes just 10 days ago. Since then I have been excited and confident leading into this race. I came in expecting a nice sizable PB, and to finally crack the 13:40 barrier, and maybe even skip the 13:30’s entirely! The rabbit was arranged to run 13:20 pace, so I figured I could just go out there and hang on.


It was a great meet in a great location! I was glad to be back!

It was a great meet in a great location! I was glad to be back!

Overall I am content with my race. An eight second PB is nothing to be upset about, even though I still think I have faster to run. I ran a smart race. I started relaxed and slowly worked my way up. My only gripe is that once the gap between the front group and the chase pack began to form I found myself in the latter. I had to run a fast 800m (around 2:07) to bridge that gap. In doing so, I left a few seconds on the track. Had I already been in closer to the front, I would not have needed to make a big move and my final 600m would have been much better.


While I was unable to close as well as I would have liked, I feel that this race was run very similar to last year at Portland. I went out conservative, pushed the middle, and was unable to close. The speed is there as I closed the last half of my mile in 1:57, it just was not there on Sunday. But like last year, I know that ten days is enough time to figure out that part of my race. Since USAs is the goal race for this cycle, I just need to be relaxed and rested. I always come back to the great Vandenbusche quote, “I want you to be oiled, greased, and ready to roll!”


Splits (estimate):
66, 2:13
63, 3:16
64, 4:20
65, 5:25
65, 6:30
63.5, 7:33.5
64, 8:37.5
65, 9:42.5
65.5, 10:48
65, 11:53
67, 13:00
32, 13:32


Week of Training June 7 – 13

Morning Afternoon Notes
Sunday 17 Long Run
Monday 8 6
Tuesday 13 Workout
Wednesday 10 6 Drills and Strides, Core
Thursday 13 “Workout”, Core
Friday 11 Drills and Strides, Travel to OR
Saturday 8 4 x 200m
Week Total 94

This week was busy as we hosted our first camp of the season. The early part of the week was spent cleaning the lodge, mowing the lawn, and prepping for 25 people to join us for a few days. Even though camp season is much busier than the rest of the year, I always enjoy it. Every year we have people who are so excited to be coming to camp. This energy transfers to us as athletes. They are excited to have some time to not worry too much about other things, like kids and work, and just run. They are excited to spend some time with us athletes. One thing I have noticed over my few years at ZAP is how just significant these interactions are with building fans. Every year there are so many campers who follow our progress and cheer for us at races. It is exciting to see how many campers are so enthusiastic about our performances.


Traditionally on a race week Pete will have us a short Fartlek, like a 4-1, 3-1. Over the last few years both Pete and myself have figured out that I run much better when I am aerobically stimulated, so instead we opted for a longer Fartlek. I ran the entire workout on the Lake, but since it was a Fartlek, I was just running by effort. I kept it contained, even though I was running quick. I covered 12km in 38:15, which is right around 5:06 pace, and that includes the in between parts!

5-1, 4-1, half rest, 3 min between sets
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