Picking Up My Eggs

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That’s why they say you should keep all your eggs close together in one place, like a basket, so you can keep a good eye on them, right? (Party Down)

Yesterday, I registered my second ever DNF in 10 years of racing at the California International Marathon. For those who’ve followed my buildup, you know that I had a mild foot injury pop up 2 weeks before the race. While my coach and I thought we had it under control, the marathon is a demanding event and if one piece of the machine is a tiny bit out of whack, it’ll manifest as disaster over 25,000 steps.

I actually felt great through the first half of the race; I was running smart, on pace for a PR and top-10 finish, but shortly after that I could feel my form deteriorate as my foot became increasingly painful and I wasn’t able to get any force out of the left side of my body. I worried that finishing the race could do real damage to the foot or something else in my body from over-compensation and so I made the call that no one wants to make and stepped off the course.

The marathon is a unique event. Yesterday was a perfect day for running fast (and congrats to the many who did!) with a loaded field and ideal weather and I was coming off the best 6-month build-up of my career. When you spend so long building towards that one day and everything is perfect, it can be a tough pill to swallow when things end up going poorly as you never know when the next day like that will come where the stars align.

But just as devastating as it is to put all the proverbial eggs in the basket of a single race when things don’t go your way, the converse – building up for half a year with a focus on one day and absolutely crushing it – that joy is equal if not greater in magnitude. So, as difficult as these last 24 hours have been, I know that these days and feelings come and go; I know that I’ll have races in the future that are as great as yesterday was awful and I’ll draw on the history of the many joyful days in the past to get me to that next one.

For now, I just need to pick up my eggs, dust them off, maybe give them some time to heal, and then arrange them (all together) for the long journey to whatever comes next.

Despite all this, I do need to still thank the many people who supported me both out on the course yesterday and along the way. There are way too many people to thank individually, but just know that I couldn’t have even gotten to the start line without a huge amount of support from all of you. Thank you all.

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