Our Memories: Favorite Holiday Toy

With the holidays here, the finest, fittest athletes on the planet take a look back at fond memories from their childhood, and what they once received that left a lasting impression.

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Heather KampfPresentIcon

One year for Christmas our whole family got new bikes! I started out with the seat as low as it could go and then slowly grew into it being my ‘adult bike’ that I used to put around campus when I went to school at the University of Minnesota, and now I still use it to follow around the girls I coach at Apple Valley High School for their runs! Even though her brakes squeak whenever I try to stop now, “Old Blue” (that’s what I call her) has been the gift that just keeps on giving. 🙂

Chris GiestingPresentIcon

I remember getting a little truck that I could sit in and drive when I was little. It was ridiculously slow moving but to me back then, I thought I was flying around the yard being a badass. I’m pretty sure I used up all the battery on it that day and just left everything else under the tree. I only worried about my truck and had to go outside immediately to fire the bad boy up.

Giesting1 Giesting2

Joseph GrayPresentIcon

My favorite toy as a child was GI Joes! I remember getting some of my favorite GI Joes one year and I took them everywhere. Even the bathtub, which ended up being a huge mistake as it weakened the rubber band holding them together. So i went from joy to tears as a few of them snapped. My brother ended up being my hero that year as he not only mixed and matched a few of my favorite pieces to create hybrid GI Joes but fixed all of the ones that had snapped!

Ashley HigginsonPresentIcon

I will never forget when I got a scooter for Christmas! It was the biggest gift under the tree I ever received – which of course made me feel very cool. Moreover, this was before razor scooters hit the world by storm, so my pink and purple with sparkly ribbons on the handlebars and hibiscus flowers scooter was – umm… awesome.

Riley Dolezal

Growing up all I ever wanted for a few years was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle anything. You name it I wanted it. Mostly action figures but all things TMNT would do.


Andy FrymanPresentIcon

This toy pretty much sums up my whole childhood. I spent many hours playing a multitude of games on the Super NES. From Super Mario to Zelda to Final Fantasy. There were many exhilarating times along with much frustration. There were times where I may have broken a few controllers when I become upset with a game, mainly Mario Kart. I didn’t handle losing well. Anyways, the Super NES was just the beginning of a gaming revolution and in my opinion still has some of the best games ever made.


Miranda Melville & Liz Podominick

PresentIconI received my Winnie the Pooh when I was 4 on Christmas eve from a relative. He was immediately my favorite and always slept in my bed with me growing up. I even snuck him on a family trip to London when I was 8. He since then has gone with me to WI during my college years and now keeps me company in CA.

-Miranda Melville

PresentIconI received Racoonie (very original name) when I was about to become a big sister (right after Christmas) and has moved with me from MN-CO-OR and now California.

– Liz Podominick


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