One Year rabbit Anniversary

by Samantha Bluske

from Run Happy, Run Fierce

A year ago today, I officially joined the rabbit family. I was coming off of my first real injury since 2014 and was feeling deflated. In college I was surrounded by a group of women with the same goals and vision as myself so I could always count on teammates to lift me up when I was struggling like I was but the journey of a lone wolf didn’t have that. I had a great and supportive coach, wonderful family / friends and my Toledo family but something was still missing.

Jill, Monica and the whole rabbit family had exactly what I was missing; community and relationships. Jill said it best:

Runners are pretty special people. They support each other, they cheer for each other, they love each other. Running is something that can bring people together, despite geographical boundaries, social or political differences, language barriers, or any other plethora of differences we all have. Running is something that connects us, and that is powerful.

A year later, I am in awe of how much rabbit has grown and I love stepping to the starting line in probably the cutest race kit out there (I am biased since pink is my favorite color).  I am proud to be part of a community that values people, relationships and runners at every level.

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