On the Path to Recovery

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Post-op smile!
Alright after six months of praying to the universe daily to just let me get through the season I finally went under and had my meniscus cleaned up. Lost 25% of nonfunctional torn tissue and am happily on the path to full recovery. Even better the surgeon said the rest of my knee is intact and looks really healthy and strong.

Huge thank you to @drpeterduggan for treating the patient not the MRI and allowing me to have a successful season despite less than ideal circumstances. Thank you to my physical therapist Joe at Aspire Physical Therapy. Both professionals don’t just treat the body but the mind as well! Huge shout out to Mom, mother of the year, who has been the best surgery taxi driver this month for our family on top of her always caring nature. Because who doesn’t love driving into Manhattan at 4:30am, right! ?

And of course who doesn’t feel a sense of relief when you live with a nurse @katelynacoffey have another sister training in her last year of school @katiemic8 and your NP @xtinabelle86 literally down the road all offering their care, expertise and help ???!!! Lastly thank you to Dr. Rosen my surgeon, Fred the anesthesiologist and the entire team of nurses who put my mind at ease and allowed the doctors to work their magic!

Today’s surgery was one large step with an ensuing series of ever so small physical steps marked by caution and patience that will make me stronger in the future! Ready to rock this recovery!!!

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