On the Doping Scandal, by Pete Rea

Pete Rea is the Elite Athlete Coach and Coordinator at the ZAP Fitness Team USA Training Center, and has been in that role since ZAP’s opening in 2002. Since ZAP has opened Rea has guided more than three dozen athletes to Olympic Trials berths in distances from the 1500m to the marathon.

from Pete Rea on Facebook

Perhaps here in Blowing Rock, and with the ZAP Fitness / Reebok athletes with whom we work, I have been somewhat naive. However, in watching Dick Pound’s World Anti Doping press conference today and learning of the systematic doping implemented by the Russians – as well as the implied “problems” in numerous other countries including Kenya – I could not help but be somewhat disheartened and angry for all those athletes like ours who dream large, train intently to achieve those goals and do so clean.

These are athletes, with assistance from coaches and to a degree their governing bodies, who are literally stealing from all of the honest hard working young women and men who simply want to see how far they can push their minds and bodies. Has Machiavellianism become such a part of the DNA of sport that ends justify any and all means ? I cannot help but worry about our next generation of athletes. For if our youth sees those in sport they wish to emulate acting this way – trying to win at any cost – our sport could very well be doomed.

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