On My Olympic Games

Photo by @sportsillustrated on Instagram

from Kara Winger on Facebook

This neat photo of me competing tonight doesn’t soften this blow, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Unfortunately there is a lot more heartbreak at the Olympic¬†Games than people like to think about. I can’t say thank you enough for all of the supportive words everyone has sent my way, and in (a lot of) time they’ll slowly heal these fresh wounds. This journey has felt so long at times, but tonight it felt like my payoff was coming: I felt better physically than I have all year, and was right at home jumping back into international competition. It is a very particular kind of pain to come up one spot short of a chance at a medal on Thursday, and I can’t understand yet why I’m being asked to learn more lessons in patience, especially when I feel like I executed the plan I came here with. I hear your cheers though, and I’m so grateful for them. Deepest thanks to Coach Husband Russ Winger for being by my side tonight: You keep me laughing always, even through tears. To Ty Sevin, Jamie Myers and Wendy Borlabi: I have been blown away by your creativity and trust in me this year in working through all of my problems: Thank you for your never-ending belief in me! I would not have made anywhere close to Rio without my USOC Colorado Springs OTC medical team or my unnamed sponsors. I’m hoping for more meets this season to channel this disappointment into something cool. Thank you again, so much.

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