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After last season, I was ready to hang my spikes up and say good bye to the track and field world, however some of my fellow competitors told me not to, that I have so much more. I decided to take it a day at a time and stop if not feeling it. I got connected with a coach whom since our first training together in October, she has thought me so much. She made me realize there is A LOT more I need to learn about triple jump. So much I am doing wrong, so much I don’t know, lots of Improvement to be done with me, it’s like I am learning to triple jump for the first time. My love to jump has been ignited again! New goals- to master the new techniques that I am learning and see how far it will take me- hopefully 2017 World Champion in London. Yesterday was my second competition for this season- 2017 USA indoor championship. I took 3rd. I went for the gold but ended up with bronze. According to my son bronze is better than silver because it looks a little bit like gold so I can pretend it’s gold. LOL …I am happy for the prize money.

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