New Footwear Sponsor and…drum roll…Facebook Athlete Page!

from Journey of Joegeezi

Hello fans and supporters! Some great news for the years to come. First, its about that time, I’ve created and launched my Facebook athlete page so be sure to give it a follow and join my journey as I share some comedy, mountain adventures, food topics, sporting world topics, technology, gear design and of course a look inside my life from training to racing and traveling the globe!

Check it out here:

Other news, BIG NEWS…I have signed with one of the largest and innovative brands in sporting. Merrell and I will be working together as I put my season together and begin working towards accomplishing some major goals on and off road in racing as well as some unique developments in apparel and footwear to be released. Very excited to be working with such a renown company who has dreams that really fall in line with my dreams and ideas. Not to mention, their footwear is AMAZING and I will have many options when I toe the line this year no matter what the course looks like!


Check out some of the latest Merrell gear, along with some other of my favorites, in my store! Your purchases will help support my journey!

Pay It Forward Challenges

If you know me you know I love the idea of paying it forward and even more so the idea of selfless behavior. So, I’ve created a challenge that will feature these qualities in the month of December! Winners of each challenge will be asked to reveal a name of someone other than a family member to also receive a gift from one of my sponsors. I do plan to continue this challenge, pushing people to become more selfless by “Paying it forward” in new unique ways! The first winners have been announced so make sure to like my facebook page to get your chance at paying it forward and winning some sweet products from my sponsors.

Be on the watch for more announcements about new partnerships for 2016 and beyond!!!

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