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The Complete Guide to Competitive Walking The Complete Guide to Competitive Walking

2020 was a tough year. We lost both my step-father, and my wife’s long-time coach to Covid in April, and I lost my favorite aunt, and #1 supporter, in December. Not quite as tragic, but still a disruption to the status quo, my training went to Hell with four young kids home from school all year, so I put on the dreaded Covid-19–pounds! The one silver lining to the year is that I was finally able to complete my magnum opus, The Complete Guide to Competitive Walking, which I had been working on in fits and starts since about 2008.

My previous two books delved into racewalking and marathon walking, respectively; this book covers… EVERYTHING! Olympic racewalking is certainly analyzed in great detail, but so too is power walking, which is growing in popularity, with events now held at the US Masters Nationals, the National Senior Games, and the Huntsman Games. There are also big chunks devoted to ultra-walking, Nordic walking (walking with ski-like poles) and even walking in triathlons, which is gaining in popularity worldwide. The 334-page tome includes over 70 different training schedules for distances from 1,500m to 24 hours and beyond, as well as combinations of distances such as the 5k, 10k, 20k at the WMA Championships and the 20k/50k “Olympic Double.”

The books is available on my website and at Amazon, although I do the fulfilment for Amazon orders, so you’ll get the book directly from me either way and by ordering from my site you’ll save me $8 in Amazon’s fees! The digital version (Kindle) is available through Amazon exclusively, so if that’s how you roll, feel free to go through them for the e-version.


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