New Beginnings

Hello to everyone out there!

If you are here, then there is a good chance you know of me as a runner, a friend, or a family member. Who knows, maybe a combination of those! It can definitely be a little tough to keep everyone updated on how running is going, so I thought maybe writing a blog about it would help. This experience will be new to me, but I am excited to post about my journey this upcoming year.

PC: Danny Glackin

Although a lot of my posts will be running related, I will try to post anything I deem interesting enough to share with you. I know what you’re thinking. Wow, I can barely contain my excitement! Well don’t you worry, exciting content should be uploaded a few times each month. That being said, I should probably get to some actual content for this post.

What the heck is in store for Colin?

Team USA Minnesota’s Logo

I am assuming most of the people reading this would know, but for those of you that don’t, my most recent decision related to running was to join Team USA Minnesota. The team will actually be changing their name shortly. How exciting!

How did I come across this awesome opportunity? Well, over the summer I was lucky enough to attend the annual RunPro Camp in Arlington Virginia. Fun fact, this camp was actually founded by Team USA Minnesota! The camp focuses on helping runners to continue their athletic careers after college. It was such a fun experience and I got to meet some great people. This is actually where I met my new coach, Chris Lundstrom. I talked with him for awhile about training philosophies and instantly knew I wanted him as a coach. After visiting the team and practicing with them, I was sure joining the team would be a great decision moving forward. Well besides how cold it will be here in the winter. Brrrrr! I’ll make sure to invest in a few more jackets. 


I have some major and minor goals for the upcoming year and hope to reach as many of them as I can. The biggest goal I have set for myself this coming year is to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 1500, or maybe the 5k depending on how I race in the event. If I want to qualify for the 1500, I will most likely need to run under 3:39. Wow, that’s fast! It seems like a daunting task for someone who’s personal best is 3:42.36, but hey, I’m up for the challenge. One of my favorite things about running is the ability to push your body to its limit. I’m hoping that my limit for this year is fast enough to qualify!

PC: Marvin Ronsdorf

My future will consist of a lot of 1500s and miles on the track, but I will be doing some other races as well. These other races will most likely be the 5k and 800. I am excited to run some road miles as well! I can’t wait to setup my racing schedule for the upcoming year. One place I definitely want to race during the indoor season is Boston University. I am hoping to run a fast mile there. Other than that, I have a lot of planning to do with my coach to decide what meets to attend. I’ll make sure to talk about some smaller goals in the future once I determine my schedule.

Moving Forward

I will try to stay active with posting. My main goal on here will be to keep everyone updated with my training and any particular workouts that I really enjoy. I also plan on letting you know what races I will be entering as well as how I do in those races. I really appreciate any and all support even if its just an email wishing me luck. If you want to help me financially along this journey feel free to click here. I hope to someday coach, so if anyone out there has any running specific questions or just any general questions, feel free to contact me at 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

Colin Signing Off

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  1. 1

    Best of luck Colin! The best is yet to come. Can’t wait to see what this next chapter leads to for you as both an athlete and person. Train hard, believe, and enjoy the process.
    – Trevor

    • 2
      • 3

        Best of luck to you Colin. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the amazing things you will be doing. You are not only a phenomenal athlete but truly an amazing young man.
        Keep doing your thing 😉

  2. 5

    Colin, Very excited about your goals and how you are going about it. I have all the confidence in the world in you and excited to follow you. Keep up the good work and keep blogging…….Tim George

  3. 7

    Blog is a great idea!
    Wish you good luck and also I don’t agree with you with your major goal. If you ran 3:42 in 1500m, sub 3:39 is not that far!!! Hope you get there soon!

  4. 8

    So impressed with you success. You can be sure I’ll be rooting for you to make it all the way to the Olympics….😊

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