National Dog Day

Heather Kampf and fur-baby, Ellie

Is there anything better after a long day than snuggling up with your pup? For National Dog Day, check out some stories from the finest, fittest athletes on the planet as they share about their four-legged friends.

Hartung150Genna Hartung

Here is a photo of me and my dog growing up, “Moon”, and the dog that I walk now “Marlowe”. Both were/are pretty incredible, dumb-but-smart yellow labs.


WhittJack Whitt

I currently have two fur babies. My male is Tank and the female is Mae. They are both around 1yr old and are awesome.


Winger150Kara Winger

Beau and Brandy joined my parents’ household in the spring of 2012, and immediately stole all of our hearts. When Russ and I got married in the Fall, the obvious choice for the role of “ring-bearer” was Beau, and Brandy played “flower girl” perfectly. I look forward so much to adventures with these furballs and the whole family along every time we head home to Washington!


Pleger100Brooke Pleger


Leon is the first dog I ever adopted on my own. He turns 4 in December and is a German shepherd/Australian shepherd/Labrador mix. He looks a lot like a small German Shepherd. I adopted him when he was 8 months old and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! He is so sweet and incredibly smart. He learns new tricks very quickly and is always eager to please. His favorite place in the world is Posey Lake, where he gets to swim and jump off the dock chasing after his favorite toys. I recently decided to get him involved in the sport of “Dock Jumping”. He is very toy motivated and loves swimming, so I think it will be a fun activity for the two of us.



Lola was my “oops” dog. Long story short, Leon found her in some woods that backed up against an expressway. She was probably only about 2-3 weeks old at the time, and still needed to be bottle fed. At her first visit to the vet she weighed in at a whopping 4.5lbs and now weighs almost 40lbs. She is 2 years old and can be quite a devious little pup at times. She is a Beagle/Pit-bull mix and has the beautiful brindle coloring. She absolutely loves to spend time outside and sun bathe, as well as snack on my mom’s roses. Whoops! Her adorable face allows her to get away with just about anything. She really is such a low maintenance dog, as she spends so many hours of the day sleeping. When she is awake she loves to torment her brother Leon and steal his bones and toys away.



Heidi is my mom’s dog, but she actually started off as my first ever foster dog. I fostered dogs for a couple years before I adopted Leon. Heidi is a 6 year old Japanese Chin/Chinese Crested mix. A lot of people think she looks like a Boston Terrier with her black and white markings. She reminds me of a cat, as her behavior is very cat-like. She loves to be up high so she can watch over everything down below. She absolutely LOVES to chew on bones, and will guard her bones with her life. She is definitely the pack leader between Leon, Lola and herself.


All of my dogs hold such a special place in my heart. I can’t even imagine a life without them, and don’t want to! I am a huge advocate of “ADOPT don’t shop” and if I could save all of the dogs in the world, you bet I would. Happy National Dog Day!

DeeDee100DeeDee Trotter

Cloe Trotter is my 13 pound Shih Tzu. Cloe has been with me since she was nine weeks old. She is currently 10 1/2 years old. She is a very smart little girl and she follows me pretty much everywhere that I go. With me being such a traveler she has gotten used to being an only pup, however she is very spoiled and gets her way most of the time.


Cloe’s favorite thing is treats, and as long as she is a good listener she gets her fair share of them to keep her happy! For the most part Cloe likes to sleep all day. She still has a very puppy-like personality and really loves people more than she likes other dogs. We play with her toys that squeak and she likes to sleep with them. Cloe is pretty much the perfect dog because she is hypoallergenic, she basically never barks, she’s super smart, she knows lots of tricks (my favorite is “on your mark….get set…..go!”), and lastly she is she just a sweetheart! I really love Cloe a lot and for some odd reason she seems to think the world of me too, so I guess we will be friends till the end!


Image of DeeDee & Cloe (left), credit to The Huffington Post

Kampf100Heather Kampf

Happy National Dog Day to my two fur babies- Ellie and Dewey, and my one fur angel- Ricky.


My pups are my biggest fans, I love how I could leave for 5 hours or 5 minutes and they’d still greet me like they hadn’t seen me for years. That warm welcome is synonymous with what it means to be home to me.


Ellie and Dewey are constant providers of unconditional love and spontaneous laughs. They’re the best listeners, cuddle buddies, and car-ride co-pilots. They are the most improbable pair, but they complete our family, and I’m so thankful for all the joy they bring to our lives!


2014 New Balance Indoor Grand PrixSarah Brown

Meet Sophie & Lana. These two bring so much joy into my life! I always refer to them as “my girls”. Sophie is 6 & suffers from severe seizures. However, she is the toughest dog I’ve ever met and you would never know she had an issue. She’s often too smart for her own good & her favorite game is fetching her ball. Lana is just over 1 & the lover of the group. She loves to cuddle and even at 40lbs she thinks she is still a lap dog! Lana has no sense of personal space! The two are total opposites but they provide a great balance in our family. Happy National Dog Day from our family to yours!


VanAlstine100Amy Van Alstine

Pup Info: Oakley and Quinn– Jackabees: Beagle/russell terrier mixes. 3 years old.

My little, Jackabee pups! I adopted Oakley and Quinn January 2013 from a shelter in Flagstaff. I had been looking for a dog for a while, but none of them seemed to work out. I played with these two for a while and then left the shelter without getting them, but five minutes down the road I turned around and went back. I knew they were perfect and didn’t want to lose them! It was the best thing when I put the “I’m adopted” signs on their cages. They’re so sweet and even better pups than I ever could have imagined. Everyone that knows me, knows they are my babies and I love them more than anything! They’re pretty spoiled, but they deserve it 🙂


Herron100Camille Herron

This is our German Shepherd, Hawi (pronounced like “Howie”). He’s 1 1/2 yrs old. We got him just after Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon last year. When trying to decide what to name him, we decided to name him in honor of Meb’s brother/agent, Hawi. I’ve always liked Hawi, being a nice, smart, guy who believes in Meb– he’s the “man behind The Man”. Our own Hawi is very much like the real Hawi– smart, goofy, athletic, sensitive, and protective of his family. He makes us smile every day and reminds us of the incredible and memorable win by Meb!


Winslow200bAmanda Rego

My husband and I rescued Koda, a three year old Maltese, earlier this year, and since then we’ve been inseparable! Koda loves to be outside, chasing squirrels, bikes and ElliptiGos (he thinks he needs to protect me from them!) If Koda ran track hed be a sprinter for sure…he may not last more than a minute but those little legs can move!


Lutz100Craig Lutz

This is my partner in crime, Natatsha! I got her when she was a few weeks old back in the fifth grade and we’ve been pals since. Even after four years of college and not getting to see each other very often, anytime I’m home it’s as if we were never apart. It will be hard to once again have to leave her in Dallas as I leave for Flagstaff but I know she will always be waiting for me at the window when I come home.

Gracey200Neely Gracey

Strider is our 4.5 month old Vizsla. She just ran her first mile in 8:35 last week! She wasn’t even breathing, and still had plenty of energy to be crazy like normal the rest of the day. Taking it slow with her progression, teaching her to love running and keep her healthy as she grows. Looking forward to a new training buddy!

Gracey1 Gracey2

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