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“Everyday I fall more in love with the woman I’m becoming. But even though I love this woman, when I look in the mirror I see nothing more than the potential woman I could be. I won’t be fully satisfied until I meet her.”


I didn’t make it as far as I would’ve liked at USA’s but This season has been a tough one but more importantly a BLESSED one : Personal Bests in the 400 600 & 800 in one season along with appearing at some of the finest meets across the nation. I’ve learned so much about my sport and myself. To all my supporters a very big THANK YOU and to my family in El Paso Austin Houston and Phoenix I love you all and I do this for you. As Rose says, it takes a village!


The one thing I want to do each and every time I step on the track is to show how great God is and what He’s done in my life is truly amazing. I’m looking forward to the remainder of my season!


Please join me & watch the 2015 USA Outdoor Championships on NBC and Universal Sports this weekend! Good luck to my teammate Dana Mecke and to all my friends racing the rest of the weekend!





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