My Olympic Dream || Week 3

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I was meant to line up next to a stellar field of speedy ladies today– but thanks to Winter Storm Jonas and the blasting of snow New York City and the rest of the East Coast is receiving this weekend, that race has been pushed to tomorrow. The entire weekend thus far has been a perfect example of one of the most important Life Lessons I’ve received from running: the best quality is the ability to roll with the punches.

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Our NB Games adventure started early Thursday; after my hype with Coach and Furman Elite, I received a notification from Delta canceling our Friday morning flight to NYC due to the weather. We scrambled around and rebooked to leave that evening, arriving in the city just after midnight. Friday midday, we heard that the meet was going to shift over to Sunday, giving us an extra day before the race; and this morning, we woke to Jonas roaring over the city, making pre-race an extra challenge– where and when is the best time to run when New York City is shutting down?

It’s been a nice mental reprieve from the normal start-of-the-season jitters– putting the race off is making me excited to get on the line, not nervous about how I’ll perform!

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So with all that in mind, here’s my weekly update:

Training: I typically do a pre-race hype two days before a race, but with the shift back of my mile this weekend, I ended up doing a second session on the track on Friday to keep my legs awake. One of the things I’ve learned from working with Robert is that my body can handle work— in fact, I thrive off of loading up on workouts and hard sessions. I shouldn’t be afraid of working hard, even a few days out from a race; my body is good at recovering and he would never give me a workout that would trash me for race day. Trusting the process, trusting my coach, and trusting my body is important!

Nutrition: Does anyone else get extra hungry when they travel? Snacking while on the road is a challenge for me– I need to either completely block out the mindless munching that occurs when you’re bored and stationary or find a few healthy, filling, easily portable snacks to take with me. What are your favorite travel snacks?

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Recovery: Remember how we talked last week about doing nothing? I subconsciously rebelled against that this week, booking my schedule with extra appointments and finding myself out of the house more than I was in it; unfortunately, that left me extra exhausted and susceptible to seasonal allergies, proving that I SHOULD be lying low instead of running around needlessly (I hate when I’m proven wrong!). My acupuncturist and I had an interesting conversation about recovery: I felt that when I’m lying around at home, I’m making myself lethargic and uncreative– that doing nothing makes me less likely to be energetic and refreshed when the time comes. Her reasoning was that we’re like a car– our gas tank eventually runs low and we NEED to refuel by stepping back and relaxing, or else we’ll sputter to a stop. Keeping my tank full is going to be huge for me this year– there’s no need to run on E in an Olympic year!

Mental: The ability to react in a relaxed way to unexpected changes can make or break an experience. I can’t say that I took all the changes I experienced this weekend (thus far!) with Buddha-like calm– there were definitely moments where my stress manifested in irritability and brattiness– but being able to take a deep breath and know that my performance in a race won’t be tremendously altered by a different pre-race routine or a rushed travel schedule is a huge mental inflection. My fitness isn’t changing just because I have to push my race back a day!

163 days to go!

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