My Ode to Black History Month

from hurdlesncurls

Many of the people that follow me don’t know that I am a published poet. So every now and again I like to drop a reminder of why that is one of the many hats that I so proudly wear 🙂

But for some reason, lately, I’ve been hesitant to share this gift with you all. The thought always crosses my mind of: What if it’s too graphic? What if it doesn’t reach enough eyes and hearts? What if people just don’t like it? But that is not for me to decide. It will reach, teach, touch, and inspire whom it was meant to.

This poem I wrote in honor of Black History Month. I wrote it as a reminder to all my beautiful Black Queens/Sisters to remember our lineage and the powerful women we come from. I haven’t decided on a title just yet. So if you have a suggestion I’m all ears. Be aware that this poem has explicit language, and I’m extremely rusty on my pentameters and poem structure, so don’t hold it against me lol.


Due to explicit content, click here to continue reading at Hurdles n’ Curls

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