Moving to LA

  • Breakfast at Sal's

  • Wall Art on Melrose

  • Beauty studio in Hollywood

  • The top of Runyon Canyon

  • View of LA from Runyon Canyon

  • Breakfast at Square One Dining

  • My boyfriend's Huevos Rancheros breakfast @ Square One Dining

  • Wall Art on Melrose

  • Wall Art on Melrose


My first week in Los Angeles…

Hey guys I know I slacked off with the blog this summer but getting your MBA is no joke..I promise to do better!

Moving in your twenties is always an adventure. Many people only move once after school, secure a job, and settle down. I got the chance to experience Athens, Georgia and ATL for two years post-college but my most recent move has been the biggest life choice I’ve had to make. I’ve taken the opportunity to train in Los Angeles and explore living life the west coast. The decision to move across country will be another post, stay tuned! My first week in LA has been a wonderful experience! Growing up in Florida I travelled a lot but never truly felt like a tourist. Here in LA I feel like I’m in a completely different world.

Sooo last week my boyfriend and I packed up our cars and made the three-day drive across the country!! Yes, I blasted Taylor Swift and Yo Gotti and he still loves my craziness LOL When we first got here the first place we went to eat was In-N-Out…typical. I’m not a fast food person but I love this place! They have a simple menu, cheap prices, and good quality food. It’s definitely a place you don’t want to miss out on if you’re on the west coast! Search their secret menu too…You’re Welcome! Next I went to Hot N Juicy! The drooling face emoji should go here…One of the best seafood restaurants I have ever been to outside of Florida. I ordered a pound of shrimp with their signature hot and juicy flavoring and it was just the right amount of spicy and flavor. If you like Louisiana style food then this is the spot for you.

After all this eating I had to get a workout in. I’ve seen Orangetheory fitness locations on the east coast but never experienced a class. It is a must do! It’s not a typical gym but this workout kicked my butt and I had so much fun pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Definitely a workout I would suggest people do at least once or twice a week, if you can do more you’re on the road to a quick beach body. I burned a solid 700 calories in just an hour of my first class! I was sore following this workout and decided to give my body a little rest day. My boyfriend and I found a great breakfast spot called Square One Dining. Such a cute place to enjoy a quiet meal outside the crazy LA life! I had the breakfast burrito with potatoes and they were seasoned perfectly and not over saturated in oil! Great food, Great prices, and just a chill environment. I could see myself doing some studying at this spot in the near future!

So to shake out my legs from that killer Orangetheory workout I decided to go hiking with two of my friends. They invited me to Runyon Canyon Park, which apparently is a popular hiking place for celebrities, I had no clue. The drive up there was amazing! The houses were gorgeous and the winding roads gave a view of the whole city. The trail itself was so much fun! Filled with so many friendly people and dogs that had the energy to run circles around me lol. Seriously, we walked and I saw people and dogs run past us twice before we even reached the top lol reasons why I’m a sprinter. Anyways, after our hike we went to an all you can eat sushi placed called Midori Sushi. The all you can eat included all the appetizers, the whole menu, and all the sushi rolls! You could swap whenever you wanted, order while you were finishing a roll, and share with friends. (The two rules are you can’t leave a food item untouched or you’ll pay full price for it and you have to order within one hour of your last order) They have the biggest variety and best quality of sushi to choose from and for a good price. I had around 6 rolls by myself and shared two appetizers. Once we split the check we paid about $30 each. After getting fat off sushi, we cruised down Beverly Hills for fun lol and passed the playboy mansion. I ended the week by having brunch at Sals on Melrose Blvd. Again, cheap spot with great food. I ordered the 222’s, their French toast is to die for! We experienced their bottomless mimosas as well. I tried the original, strawberry, berry, and mango. Some how I missed the peach mimosa but ill be back! We headed further down the boulevard and found the Instagram famous wall art and took some great pictures. As we headed to our cars we passed an open house sign and lets just say we should be actresses! LOL we toured this 3.1 million dollar 7 bed 7.5 bathroom house and it was amazing! Who says you have to pay to have great experiences in LA!

I’ll do better about keeping you guys updated on my experiences and fun in this new city but everyone should experience LA at least once in their lifetime! The moment you look up and see the Hollywood sign will change your outlook on life! Get out there and experience new things, even if they’re just in your city, learn to explore and cherish new moments!


Location to restaurants and sites:

  1. Hot N Juicy

7100 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood 90046

  1. Orangetheory

7 different locations in the greater LA area (downtown LA location coming soon, check their website for current deals)

  1. Square One Dining

4854 Fountain Ave Los Angeles 90029

  1. Runyon Canyon Park

2000 N Fuller Ave Los Angeles 90046

  1. Midori Sushi

13905 and 11622 (Both on Ventura Blvd Los Angeles)

  1. Sal’s (also a comedy club)

7356 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

  1. In-N-Out

Google maps, they’re everywhere!

  1. Wall Art on Melrose

On the corner of Melrose Ave and North Ogden Dr

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