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Turquoise Thompson

I’ve been to hard on my self this season. After surrendering my season last year to focus on getting my hammy straight, I’m still here. I remain top 10 in the U.S. (Sitting at #6) & I’m injury free for the first time in 9! Years, yes, 9! years I ran with nagging hammy pain! And wanted to quit many many MANY times. (Even crying about it on many occasions) But my passion for the sport wouldn’t let me quit. I just hope with this post I can be inspiration to those who are at their wits end and are ready to throw in the towel, unless God him self has come to you and said “its time my child” don’t give up on your dreams, be thankful in the mist of your storms & keep positive uplifting people around you. #Roadtorio #praisinghimtilltheveryend.

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Katie Mackey


Amanda Bingson


DeeDee Trotter


Neely Gracey

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