Mid NYC Marathon Update

Workout this morning with the young guns!

from Tyler Pennel Running

Since it has been a while since my last update, I figured it was a good time to give one! There is just over six weeks until NYC on November 6th, so that means I am in the heart of marathon training. For this marathon, Pete thought it would be best to go with an 11 week marathon cycle, but still stick with the 10 day cycles. So the first week was just a typical 7 day week, with a long run on Sunday and a Fartlek with some climbing on Wednesday. The next 10 day cycle started with a long run, finishing the last few miles quickly. Wednesday was a workout with tempo pieces bookending 10 x km. The following Tuesday, I had my first marathon specific long run out at Todd Railroad Grade Road. It was a session that I had not done in my previous two marathon build ups: 2 miles, 1 mile float, 1 mile, 1 mile float, all repeated three times. This was a tough session, as it was nonstop with lots of pace changing. I ended up running each five mile segment faster: 26:40, 26:23, 26:10 (1:19:13 total for the 15 miles). I was happy with the session, as I did not feel great during, but was still able to run the prescribed pace.

I nearly finished off the week near 120 miles, but leading up to my workout on Saturday, my hip began to get sore. I was noticeably limping while running, so Pete and I decided to scrap the workout and not risk aggravating my hip more. I immediately took the next three days off and scheduled an MRI for the following week. I was able to get an MRI (which showed nothing out of the ordinary) and was able to start training again on the Alter G. After three days on the Alter G, We felt confident enough to try a run outside. Then this past Sunday, I did a longer run with some moderate surging. While my hip was not 100%, it was able to pass the test, so we are going to start back into marathon training.

When an injury initially rears its head, I tend (and feel like it is a pretty universal runner’s response) to first not accept there is any injury. It is so easy to just train through it. I have been guilty in the past. But one thing I have learned in over a decade of running is that it is often better to take a little break now, and not let a little niggle blow up into something much larger. Following that rule would have saved me combined years of injury. So swallowing my pride, I accepted that time off was the best course of action. In total I only ended up taking off only a few days with some shorter days on the Alter G. I missed going to Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly Half Marathon for a race simulation workout, but both are a small price to pay for getting to the starting line healthy in November.

Other hidden “benefits” from this injury is that I was forced to take some days off. Pete had planned a few down days for right after Philly, but the break was just pushed up a week. Another is that this break helped pull my fitness back. When you are healthy and getting fit, it is easy to get a little overzealous are run too hard in workouts. While this is a good way to find yourself really fit, it is also a good way to be fit too early. I am still over 6 weeks away from NYC and I may not be able to do a killer steady state at marathon pace right now, but I know that I will be toeing the line on race day oiled, greased, and ready to roll.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and with my injury in the review mirror, knock on wood, it is easy to look at the benefits. But taken in a whole, I have an 11 week build up to NYC, so that means I had 3 weeks of good training at the start, along with 7 weeks leading up to the race. By a strict percentage(10/11), that is over 90%, an A! Basically in a long winded way I am saying, shit happens, but that does not mean the far off goal lost. You just have to find a different way to get there. Fortunately I only had to take a little detour before getting back on track, and I hope to keep it that way! Until next time, which will hopefully be much sooner and hopefully be something a little different from most of anything I have done in the past.

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