Meteor Man: Meet Jared Ward

2015 New Haven Road Race 20K: USATF Championship: Jared Ward, Saucony | Photo by Kevin Morris @kevmofoto

Name: Jared Ward
Event: Marathon
Hometown: Kaysville, UT
High School: Davis High School
College/University: Brigham Young University
Training City: Provo, UT
Accolades: USA Marathon Champion (2015), Olympian (2016), #1 USA Ranked Marathoner (2019)

How were you introduced to track/distance running, and what eventually led you to your event?

In 2013, Coach Eyestone had me run a marathon while still in college. I had remaining eligibility in track, but had run out of cross country eligibility and he thought that would be a good use of my “off” season. He already thought I’d be a marathoner.

What is your most memorable experience in the sport?

Seeing my wife, parents, family, friends, and coaches at the finish line of the 2016 Marathon trials. The people I love, celebrating my achievement in making the team is what I really remember.

What race are you most looking forward to in 2020 (not including the Olympic Trials / Olympics)?

That’s tough! So much of my schedule depends on if I make that team. I’m already looking forward to my next NYC Marathon whenever that is… 2020 or beyond. I always look forward to the Bellin Run in Green Bay, and I expect I’ll be there in June 2020.

What is something not track related that are you looking forward to in the next year?

Kids sporting events. I loved watching and coaching soccer last year, and have had fun coaching basketball this year. I look forward to watching my kids find things they are passionate about.

What do you like to do when you’re not training?

I love to play with my kids, often incorporating cooking or reading– two other things I enjoy.

You, along with Shaquille Walker and Jonothan DiPeri, brought The Meteor to market. Tell us a little bit about the journey with MyoStorm and your favorite use for The Meteor.

It’s been a wild ride! From development to building out the framework for the company and our kickstarter there was a lot of learning. And Jono and Shaq really pulled the weight. It was a journey even before Shark Tank! Then Shark Tank brought amazing exposure to our company and we’ve just been trying to keep up. We are finally are getting closer to the point that we can keep product in stock. It has been fun. I use the Meteor daily on my glutes and arches prior to runs, and then use it to loosen up hot spots post runs. It’s been a niche tool in my training bag, just like we built it to be 😉

What advice would you give to your high school freshman self?

It’s about the journey, so have fun and make friends. That’s what you’ll remember.

Lightning Round

Favorite sport, not track? Soccer

Favorite pro sports team? Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite training shoe? Saucony Triumph 17

Best movie you’ve seen in the past year? I think the only new movie I saw last year was Frozen II… I watch what my kids watch.

Celebrity or Historic Figure you would most like to meet? Christ, for sure. Looking forward to it someday 😉

Who is your track and field idol? So many to admire. I’ve benefited from mentorship from Meb, and friendships with Ryan Hall and Bernard Lagat are a few who come to mind. My coach, Ed Eyestone has always been a bit of a hero to me. There are many amazing people in this sport.

Give a shoutout to your supporters

Living this dream would not be possible without amazing sponsors. Saucony has been my title sponsor since the beginning. I also receive amazing support from Honey Stinger, and have been blessed to work with Timex, The Runners Multivitamin, Rudy Project, Rapid Reboot, Garden of Life, and of course my team at MyoStorm.

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