Memorial Day: My Grandfathers

My grandfathers were both incredibly inspiring men and both served in the military. Neither talked about it much, and grandpa Quigley (pictured here) wouldn’t say much even if you asked. I know he learned a lot about character when he served in Germany during the Korean War because he passed on so many words of wisdom to all of his grandchildren at every opportunity. His father died when he was 6, so being a great father/grandfather was extremely important to him. He always stressed hard work, excellence, and finding something in life that you love to do. He worked at the local TV station for 40 years without missing a single day. If that’s not a great example of a hard working man I don’t know what is.


I want to say thank you to all the individuals who have served our country in uniform and continued to serve by inspiring and motivating us through the rest of their lives and the examples they set.

Gerald Lee “Jerry” Quigley (1933-2012)


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