Making Changes to Maintain Gains

Photo by Gardenia Centanaro

from Kortney Ross on Instagram

Here’s a little insight for y’all on my past 4 years of becoming/ being an elite athlete.

I’ll start this by telling you this, I compete at 154.

My first year out of college my cousin and I went backpacking across Europe for two months. We ate carbs and gelato everyday. I came back weighing 175 (I graduated college weighing 160.) That preseason was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.

The next year I ended early so I had a pretty long off season (not in Europe) so when we came back I weighed about 168. That pre season was still pretty rough.

My third year, the off season wasn’t as long but I still didn’t change how I was eating (whatever I wanted) and I came back at 165.

This year I ended my season later and started preseason a little earlier but I also changed how I was eating. Weighing 158 has made things sooo much easier. Coming into preseason weighing less has been a blessing. Oh I’m still getting my butt kicked because cardio is hardio but I’m noticing results faster. I am so thankful to have Tray Oates in my corner because he is keepin me on track with how and what I eat. (Yes I still make him take me to fro yo every now and then)

Not having to make up lost ground because I decided to eat to fuel my body instead of eating to please my taste buds has been the best decision of my career. Yes I should have realized this earlier but I was content with eating my delicious chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese. I would always end up getting to my goal weight but I lost prime gains time. So moral of the story, eat less sugar…. and eat those veggies! (Brussels sprouts are still gross)

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