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Lutz100LutzRunning has been molding young runners for years, developing those with a desire into talented high school and college runners. Led by Coach Brad Lutz, the camps have been a staple of Texas running, however, with Craig Lutz now training with HOKA One One Northern Arizona Elite, the opportunity arose to create an altitude camp in sought-after Flagstaff, AZ. We caught up with Craig to get a little more insight into the camp.

AthleteBiz: Alright, first up, the who, when, where, and how do I sign-up?

Craig Lutz:

  • The Who: Any High School runner looking to gain strength, knowledge, and experience in the sport of running.
  • The When: July 19th- July 24th
  • The Where: Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Arizona
  • The How:

AB: How should a prospective camper prepare for the experience…and altitude?

CL: Being prepared for the Lutz Distance Camp is simple. By the time July rolls around, high school runners should already have at least, a weeks of solid base training under their legs. That, along with a positive mindset and the determination to work hard and have fun, will carry them through our week of training. As for the altitude, we will be teaching the importance of easing into the training and holding back from sea level efforts.

AB: When did you get the idea to put on a distance running camp?

Coach Brad Lutz

Coach Brad Lutz

CL: Brad Lutz, director/head coach of LutzRunning, has been putting on a distance camp in Dallas, Texas for a few years now. When I signed my contract with Hoka One One and moved to Flagstaff, he decided he wanted to move a camp to flagstaff too.

Coach Brad Lutz heads up a youth development team in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex named Lake Cities Cross Country. They participate in a year long program that is separated into three seasons. Cross Country in the Fall, Road Racing in the Spring, and Track during the Summer. Coach Lutz started the team when I began developing a stronger interest in running during my elementary and middle school years. He is now going on about 15 years of participating or coaching in youth development in distance running!

AB: What can you tell us about leaders of the camp and how do the coaching styles compliment one another?

CL: Through the years of experience of helping to raise area and regional distance runners, Brad Lutz has helped over 50 individuals accomplish their goals of becoming collegiate athletes. He has seen just about everything when it comes to coaching younger runners and is a great director for our camp in Flagstaff because of it.

Coach Ben Rosario

Coach Ben Rosario

As for the rest of the oversight at the Lutz Distance Camp, the NAZ team alone has a squad of 13 athletes who have experienced far different routes in our own development from youth running to becoming professionals in the sport.

Also helping at the camp is NAZ’s Coach, Ben Rosario, who has now been in Flagstaff for a few years and has overseen the coaching of not just the professional athletes competing for Hoka One One’s Northern Arizona Elite but also holds a background in youth development in the Flagstaff area and also St. Louis. Ben Rosario spent some time running professionally for the Hansons Brooks team before helping to Co-Found Big River Running Company in the St. Louis area.

AB: What can a camper expect from a typical day at the LutzRunning Camp?

CL: The typical day at camp will involve at least one main run on one of Flagstaff’s iconic trails or routes. Lectures will take place from either Coaches Brad Lutz or Ben Rosario, from athletes or counselors helping with the camp, or from a group of professionals in the Flagstaff area.

Talks will range from nutrition to race prep and the mental side of racing and training to recovery practices.

There will also be a few strength sessions through out the week along with a couple of group activities and down time each day.

AB: What is your favorite workout and why is it Fartleks?

CL: My favorite workout is any sort of version of a mile repeat session on the track. I find that to be a distance that allows you to really find the hurt locker but also grab a sizable amount of strength with a smaller load of work. As for Fartleks at altitude, they have taught me one thing. You cannot go too hard too early or else you suffer for the entirety of the workout.

More Information

Camp Registration includes:
  • Room and board 6 days – 5 nights
  • Training under club, college & professional level coaches
  • Guest speakers to include members of HOKA One One Northern Arizona Elite
  • Post-camp goal setting and training tools
Camp Fees:
  • July 19 – 24, 2016 – $849.00 per camper which includes a $300.00 non-refundable deposit

​The camp is for girls and boys, both individuals and teams, from 9th grade and up. You must be entering 9th grade fall of 2016.

Coaches are welcome to attend. Bringing 5 or more runners (boys and/or girls from the same team) coach attends for free. Travel not included.

For more information, check out the FAQs at

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