Listening to God’s Voice

Photo: Heather McWhirter (@hmcwhirter)

from Sara on Instagram

The US Marathon Champs capped off my most fun year as a pro runner thus far. There were times in the race I was enjoying the moment so much I couldn’t help but smile and thank God for this gift that gives me so much joy.

My career hasn’t always been this way- the first half was fraught with feelings of inadequacy and that my best was never enough. Even though I was winning national championships and making world championship teams, I felt like a 2nd class runner compared to my husband who was setting American Records. I listened to voices telling me I wasn’t even good at this.

But God met me in this place and showed me there was a better way, free of fearing failure, perfectionism, and worrying about what others think. I learned to listen to what He said about me over all the other voices. As a result, in this 2nd half of my pro career, my enjoyment of this sport has increased every year. Don’t let yourself believe lies that steal your joy and keep you from your potential, only believe things about yourself that God thinks about you!

Also — big thanks to this guy Ryan Hall for his unwavering support and faith in me! He has been a picture of God’s love.

Click here to learn more about Ryan and Sara’s Hall Steps Foundation, a non-profit movement to fight global poverty through better health.

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