Lessons from Dad

from Heather’s Facebook

As my dad celebrates another year of life, I can’t help but think of all the important life lessons I’ve learned from him:

  1. Make a point to laugh, and make other people laugh, every day.
  2. Take time to clear your mind and just relax- appreciate moments and the people you spend them with.
  3. Work hard and give your best to things that matter.
  4. If someone gives you an “Official Vehicle” pass, you own the road so you might as well drive like it.
  5. Time is worth more than money, especially time with people you love.<
  6. Growing up” does not require you to stop playing like a kid, climbing trees, pulling pranks, or jumping on trampolines.
  7. If two (or more) cookies stick together when you pull them out of the container it only counts as one.<

Sending lots of love and hugs to my Daddio for his birthday!! Glad we got to celebrate yesterday together!! 🙂

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