Leaving Footprints

Have you ever wondered where you have all been in your lifetime? I find myself dreaming about being able to somehow see every place my feet have ever touched all at once. I think it would be awesome to know every place I have left my footprint here on Earth. However, I am forgetting the most important footprints of all. I forget the footprints others have left on me and those I have left on others.

How often do we forget that every thing we do impacts someone in either a positive or a negative way? The smallest action can carry the largest impact without us having a clue. Today someone I haven’t spoken with in close to a decade messaged me and told me how my family and I impacted her and her father in ways that I was completely unaware of. She made me realize just how big the smallest of actions are and how often we are unaware of our ability to positively impact those around us. I do not tell you this because I think we are extraordinary people who make everyone’s lives around us better. I tell you this because we are just an average family who happened to make an impact one small action at a time. You can do the same. Most of you already have and are unaware of it.

One of my favorite stories is the story of how the Navigators began. Dawson Trotman, the founder of Navigators (a campus ministry), had this desire to share the gospel with others. He started first by sharing it with sailors in the US Navy. A sailor named Les Spencer was learning under Dawson and came to faith. When others saw the change in Spencer’s life, they asked him what changed. Spencer brought the others to Dawson for him to teach them. However, Dawson told Spencer, “You teach him!” Dawson impacted Spencer’s life in the best way. Spencer was able to impact others by sharing what he had learned from one man which led to those men sharing it with others as well. With every new believer sharing, it spread like wildfire. Although Dawson died a few years later, the Navigators continued to grow and is now present in over 100 countries. All this started with one man sharing his faith with one person who then shared it with another and so on. If Dawson could see his footprints here on earth, he would see hundreds of thousands of people impacted through his simple action of sharing his faith with one man.

I believe one person can change the world and it starts with the smallest of actions. I believe that one person could be you.

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