Learn the Hustle

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by Jeremy Taiwo

from Jeremy’s Instagram

You know, I thought this sport would get easier after making an Olympic team. For some it does. For some it doesn’t.

I didn’t think I’d get dropped by my sponsor after getting back, and at first, I thought it was my fault for having failed to make the podium….and that I deserved more adversity in my career. But you start to realize that things you didn’t feel right about fall apart so you could learn to problem solve and have better things come together.

I officially learned the hustle.

There’s nothing like freeing up stale situations to try new experiences. I got to pursue a whole bunch of other interests in 2017, which led me to a passion for acting and even getting on American Ninja Warrior.

It’s always a journey, and much like the heptathlon and decathlon, there are highs and lows to life and you are given the option to either make lemonade with lemons or throw the lemons away and grab a damn butter beer. So to the young multis, embrace it all, learn the “how to love to problem solve”, STAY HUNGRY AND NEVER BE FULL.

The best lessons in life come the swiftest and hardest, so keep your SWORDS as sharp as your WITS and know that the best seasoning for REVENGE is SUCCESS.

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