Keeping a Strong Immune System

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Keeping a strong immune system is a huge priority for us, and now with 4 kids in school and flu season we are being extra intentional! Fortunately we are 2 months as a family and no one has gotten sick yet. Most illness/disease is rooted in inflammation, so a lot of what we do is to minimize inflammation in our bodies with natural products.

Here is what we do to prevent illness in our family:

1) Frequent handwashing and clipping fingernails- 99% of germs on the hands live under fingernails.

2) Rinsing sinuses with salt water

3) Keeping an anti-inflammatory diet: Lots of green vegetables, fibrous carbohydrate sources, and minimizing sugar. Sugar is super inflammatory

4) Fish oil- one of the most highly anti-inflammatory things you can consume. We eat a lot of fatty types of Alaska Seafood (better than farm-raised) which is the best way to get it but if we aren’t eating fish that day we all take a fish oil supplement.

5) Glutathione- a super important anti-oxidant that gets depeleted easily and helps decrease inflammation. In 4.5 years of taking it Sara and I have only gotten a cold once each. (Citrisafe brand is acetylated which means it can be absorbed taken orally)

6) Cleaning our environment, minimizing mold. It’s crazy how much mold is growing in your home (and on our dogs!) that you can’t even see which creates a lot of inflammation. We use Citrisafe products to spray on our carpets, dogs, wash clothes with etc. We have seen a big different in Sara’s allergies and asthma doing this.

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