Happy Father’s Day

How much of a difference can a great Dad make in a person’s life? Immeasurable. See below for special Father’s Day messages and tributes from the finest, fittest athletes on the planet


Kibwè Johnson

Einstein said, “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”


April 18th, 2012 at 11:04pm was that day for me. I will spend the rest of my life trying to provide Miss Brooklyn with the same purpose she has given me.


Manteo Mitchell

I remember holding my son for the first time. Looking him into his eyes and saying to him, “You are my everything, and for you I will give my life.”


I am very blessed to celebrate my 2nd Father’s Day! It’s funny to me because I feel like everyday is Father’s Day with him. We’ve shared so many moments together in two short years, and I cannot wait to see what God has for us in the future!


Khi, THANK YOU for keeping me sane and for spilling juice all over my car. THANK YOU for your smile and your stinky diapers. THANK YOU for making me the man I am today! I love you buddy!

Olivia Mickle


An energy, a connection, a force are created in the shared experience of running. This bond crafted through the run cannot be synthesized anywhere else. Dad, thank you for introducing me to this special relationship. Thank you for inspiring and supporting me not just in the running world, but beyond. I truly am the luckiest daughter in the world :). I love you!

Mary Saxer


Happy Father’s Day to my role model, my daddy! Thanks for showing me how to work hard and be a goofball all at the same time! Love you!

Maria Dalzot


Through the years my dad has taught me the meaning of hard work. As a small business owner and mechanic, he works tediously on repairing and tuning cars and won’t stop until each part is performing at the highest level. Dad takes the best care of his tools, his home and his family. My work ethic is derived from his example. I take care of my body to be a finely tuned machine, and, like my dad, I do my best to make sure my engine is firing on all cylinders come race day. Thanks, Dad, for shaping me into the athlete—and person—that I am today.

Miranda Melville


My dad has taught me to be respectful, kind, & honest, but most of all he taught me to believe in myself because he always did.


Thanks Daddy, Love you!

Kara Winger


I’ve spent my entire life admiring the way my Dad balances an incredible work ethic with huge supportive enthusiasm for his family’s endeavors, while somehow managing to develop awesome hobbies! Watching the friendship between him and my new husband grow over the last eight or so years and getting to tag along on lots of fishing trips has me really excited for his hard-earned retirement years, which just began in April. So proud!

Kara_Winger2_500 Kara_Winger_500

Ashley Higginson


He’s my biggest critic, my biggest fan, a supporter, and a coach, but he has also been the first person waiting with a hug. Thank you Dad, near or far, for always being there!

Kimber Mattox


Whether I’m six or twenty-six, my dad is always the carrier of the axe, the pusher of the sled, and the leader of the dance. Thanks Dad for always being the protector of my dreams and the play maker of my schemes. Love you lots!

Juli Accurso


For me, Dad and Running are intertwined. My first miles were with my dad; they are some of my most memorable and why I chose to run. His support and encouragement as I grew in junior high, high school and college was incredibly special. Now, lacing up our Brooks (me) & Mizunos (him) and heading down the driveway is how we share and learn from our lives. Thanks, Dad for every mile, for everything!

Donn Cabral


My dad has taught me everything I know about being a man. From how to catch a blue crab with a dip net to how to treat people with respect and everything in between, he has continuously imparted life lessons and love on his children. And he deserves more than just 1 day of recognition, but it’s a start!

Je’von Hutchison



Just want to take a moment out to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad. Thank you for being a great example of a Christian man and always being there with love and support for my sister and I in all of our pursuits. I love and appreciate you and all you do, even though I may not always say it! Have a great day.


– Your only son,


Je’von Hutchison

Katie Mackey


My dad is the reason I run, and has always been my role model for consistency and hard work. In one of my favorite interviews, Jessica Gabriel wrote a fantastic article on her blog, The Call Room!

Neely Gracey


I was born while my dad was running the Boston Marathon… I thank him for raising me to think that this running thing is just a normal way of life.

Nicole DiMercurio


My dad means the world to me. He taught me how to dream and has supported me in everything I do. There is no one else on this planet I can laugh with as much as I do with him, and not a day goes by where I do not feel blessed to have him as a father.


Alexis Love


The greatest gift I ever had, came from God; I call him Dad. He is my best friend 🙂

Bridget Franek


I’ve been lucky to get to train and learn from many great athletes but no one has taught me more about the competitive spirit than my father…. This shot pretty much sums it up.


Winning requires focus,dedication and skill…However its important never to take yourself too seriously because in the end, it’s still just a game. The most important thing is to have fun! (and not spill your wine.)

Sarah Brown




The most precious gift in life is your time and you have always generously given me of your time. Thanks for being there to guide me and teach me how to live. But most importantly, thank you for preparing me to forge my own path in life and encouraging me to chase my dreams. Happy Father’s Day!

Jordan Scott


My dad has always taught me to do my best at everything I do, never start something without finishing it, and to always under-promise & over-deliver… but none of the infinite tips/tricks/lessons that he’s taught me come close to the example he’s shown me of how to be the BEST father in the world… I only hope I’m half the dad (one day) as he has been for me!


I love you, Dad!


Gabe Grunewald


Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Kim. Thank you for taking me fishing, sharing your love of sports with me, and for helping me believe that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I am so grateful to have you as my dad and my #1 fan! Thank you, Dad!


Heather Miller-Koch


This man is so hard working and dedicated. He is such an inspiration to me! I love you, Dad!!


Kyle Merber


My dad never competed on the track himself, but he’s been by my side for my entire career. His support has always made it possible for me to continue competing to pursue my goals, and that’s the best gift he’s ever given me.

Amanda Winslow-Rego


My Dad has always been there to support my running and give the best advice. I remember on our first run together in middle school he told me “the first mile is always the hardest, so at least push yourself past that mile mark and I promise it will be worth it.” I still find this to be true, and he taught me that the same applies to life. You have to be patient, refuse to quit, stay humble and never use the word “can’t.” I’m so thankful for all of the wisdom and support my dad has given me on and off the track!


Heather Wilson


A very Happy Father’s Day to one of my biggest supporters, to the man who taught me never to give up and to always get back on the horse. Love you and hope you have an amazing day!


Melinda Withrow


To the first man of my life and my favorite fishing partner. Thank you for helping me to value all of the gifts God has given me.


Kendra Chambers


My dad is really special to me! After my parents separated you would think distance would make it difficult to keep close but not between us. He’s shown me hard work and perseverance is necessary to have if you want your dreams to come true. Even if nobody else believes in you. I’ve been blessed to have a father who believes in me every step of the way. Happy Fathers Day!

Alana Hadley


My dad has always been extra special to me. By being an amazing father and coach we have a strong bond like no other. 🙂

Tyler Andrews


Dad – you’ve been there for me to lean on whenever I needed support and you’ve been there by my side when I hit my stride. Thank you for everything – happy Fathers’ day!

New England Distance

Henry Sterling


My dad and I have gotten a lot closer over the years thanks to running and my travels away from home. Being away from home makes me feel lucky any time I get the chance to go back and see my dad. He is there waiting to make me some local red meat over a fire, a runner’s staple, with a salad consisting of fresh vegetables from his garden. He is certainly a self-sufficient man, and he has taught me to be so as well. He grew up a successful high school runner, placing top 10 at New England’s in cross country; however his running career was cut short due to lack of support from those around him. That same support that he lacked he has been able to give to me. He is always by his phone ready for my call, whether it is a complicated life question, or something more simple, like how to know when a grilled chicken is done. With four sons I don’t know how he was able to stay sane in the early years, but I feel that his parenting has given all of us the confidence to chase our individual goals, no matter how different they may be. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

Katrina Spratford

My Dad is my #1 fan. He has taught me what it means to never give up, to always finish what I have started (and do it correctly the first time!), and how to go above and beyond to help others. My dad has sparked my passion and drive to want to help others in the health field as he is the best chiropractor that I have ever known. I truly believe that I would not be the athlete that I am today without my dad. He has fixed me when I was broken countless times and has been able to get me to the starting line in one piece! He believes in my dreams even more than I do and has always been there to pick me up and dust me off after any disappointments or to celebrate with me after the smallest of victories. I am thankful that I can depend on my dad to watch out for me and to know that he supports me in all that I do. I love you, Dad!

David Goodman

My dad is my hero and by far the person I look up to most. Whatever I needed he was always there for me not to hand it out, but to assist or help me obtain or achieve what I was looking for. And even after working long days after waking up at 4am he was always willing to go outside and play basketball or football or whatever the sport of the day was for me. I am the athlete I am today because of my dad.

Lara Crofford


My dad has spent countless hours traveling the country to watch me compete and has even been a training buddy on the bike for me through many hot summer days and many brutal chilly winters. Hes been one of my biggest supporters in my sport and in life. No matter what happens, he’s always there. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Chauntae Cheetah Bayne


My Father’s name is Lorjust Bayne III. God’s Word says “how can you honour that which you can not see if you can not honour what you can.” Every emotion known to man, I’ve experienced with my dad. My relationship with him has helped me understand how to honor my Heavenly Father even greater. He is an awesome teacher, mentor, an IQ tested genius, a goof ball, hopeless romantic, an amazing musician,magnificent provider, a life long athlete (the 5’7.5 man that can dunk the basketball with ease and can still outrun his daughter with no training at age 41!), simply put a great example of DAD! I love my father without limits and am thankful to share this day with him.

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