Happy Birthday Maria and Devon!

Wishing Maria Michta-Coffey and Devon Yanko very Happy Birthdays from everyone at AthleteBiz!

MichtaCoffey100Meet Maria

  • Event: Race Walk
  • Training Group: Walk USA
  • That’s a Special Day: Maria’s birthday is the anniversary of Title IX and is also officially recognized as “Olympic Day”
  • That’s a Lot of Education: Maria holds a Ph.D, which she earned from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • That’s a Lot of Records: Maria has the American Record in the race walk in the 5k (21:51), 10k (44:09, pending), 15k (1:07:51), 20k (1:30:49), and 25k (2:07:46)
Shop at Maria’s Oiselle store; any purchase supports her journey!

Yakno100Meet Devon

  • Event: Ultras
  • That’s a Lot of Miles: Since 2006, Devon has run more than 30 ultras and 45 marathons, either winning or setting a course record with each attempt
  • That’s a Lot of Speed: In 2015, Devon won the Javelina 100 mile in 14:52 which is the 3rd fastest 100 mile trail time for a North American ever
  • That’s a Lot of Bread: Devon owns and operates a small bakery cafe with her husband, M.H. Bread and Butter
Shop at Devon’s Oiselle store; any purchase supports her journey!
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