Happy Birthday Juli & Samantha!

Wishing Juli Accurso and Samantha Bluske each a very Happy Birthday from AthleteBiz!


Get to know Juli!

  • Event: 5k and 10k
  • Training Group: Team Run Eugene
  • Post-race Indulgence: Swedish Fish
  • Fun Fact: Juli has lived abroad in France and volunteered at a bed and breakfast, Le Mûrier.
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Get to know Samantha!

  • Event: 10k and beyond!
  • Training Group: University of Tulsa, where she is also coaches and is studying toward a Master’s Degree in Recreational Administration
  • Favorite Foods: Coffee, ice cream, and curry
  • Fun Fact: In Samantha’s marathon debut, she was led a mile off course, and still won the race, running 27.2 miles!
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Join the conversation below and wish Juli and Samantha the best for their special day!

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