Happy Birthday Jade & Chauntae

From everyone at AthleteBiz, wishing Jade Barber and Chauntae Bayne a very Happy Birthday!

Jade100Meet Jade

  • Event: 100m Hurdles
  • Fast Family: Jade has a twin sister Kaila; they were team mates at Notre Dame
  • Soft Spot for Animals: Jade has a love for our four-legged friends, and says that “if I could own as many animals as I wanted my roommates would probably kick me out!”
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Cheetah100Meet Chauntae

  • Event: 60m thru 400m
  • Nickname: Cheetah
  • Cardinal Records: While at Stanford, Cheetah set school records for the Indoor 60m and 200m, and the Outdoor 100m, 200m, and 400m
  • Giving Back: Cheetah founded g3athletics, a a non-profit sports performance and personal training company
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