Happy Birthday Garrett!

Wishing Garrett Heath a very Happy Birthday from all of us at AthleteBiz!

Get to know Garrett

  • Event: 1500 & 5000 Meters
  • Training Group: Brooks Beasts
  • All-Terrain: Garrett has proven to be a rare triple threat, with world class results in cross country, on the road and on the track.
  • No Longer a Sleeper: He shocked the running world by beating the world’s top runners at the prestigious Edinburgh XC meet and then beat them again a year later.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Garrett has earned being called “A runner’s runner”. His competitors regularly express enormous respect for his work ethic and his racing toughness.
  • A Glutton for Punishment: Garrett attributes his Minnesotan roots and a love for the outdoors for his particular fondness of racing in cold, wet conditions.
Connect with Garrett and book him to talk shop over a lunch or dinner!
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