Happy Birthday Amanda, Kayla, and Biya!

From everyone at AthleteBiz, wishing Amanda Eccleston, Kayla Caldwell, and Biya Simbassa very Happy Birthdays!

Eccleston100Meet Amanda

    • Birthday: June 18
    • Event: 1500 Meters
    • Progress Progress Progress: Amanda has been a late-bloomer in the sport, stating, “I’ve progressed greatly over the past several years, breaking 5 minutes in the mile at age 20 and finally breaking 4:30 this summer at age 25.”
    • Not all Roses: Amanda has dealt with 6 stress fractures in her running career
    • Hungry Hobbies: One of Amanda’s hobbies is baking, mainly cookies
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KCaldwell100Meet Kayla

      • Birthday: June 19
      • Event: Pole Vault
      • Training Group: Bell Athletics
      • Record Setter: While at Hillsdale College, Kayla was a 7-time All-American, set school records for both the Indoor and Outdoor pole vault, and set the NCAA DII record for the Indoor pole vault
      • Vaulting Across Sports: Kayla was a competitive gymnast for 12 years, and works part-time at the Jonesboro Gymnastics Academy
Charger Connection: Both Amanda and Kayla attended DII Hillsdale College
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BiyaSimbassa100Meet Biya

      • Birthday: June 20
      • Event: 5k and 10k
      • Training Group: Team USA Minnesota
      • A Different Path: Biya was born in Ethiopia, where he used to run to school about five miles total back and forth. He moved to the USA at the age of 13.
      • Trail Blazer: Biya is the only runner and the first person to graduate from college in his family
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