Hammer Progression

I wanted to share with everyone my year to year progression in hammer. I did not pick up the hammer and throw it 69 meters right away. It took a lot of time, hard work, tears, and training. There were some obstacles along the way, but the one thing that remained unchanged was my goals. I always kept my eye on those goals and I really think THAT is what shaped me into the thrower I am today. So my message to all of those just starting out with the hammer or those early in their hammer careers is this: every great thrower was once a beginner. Keep your eye on the goals you have set for yourself, and work everyday towards them. You may just surprise yourself. Oh, and always listen to your coach.

2011 Hammer Season
Date Meet Location Mark
3/26/11 Northwest Ohio Relays (Bowling Green, OH) 50.17m
4/2/11 Toledo Collegiate Challenge (Toledo, OH) 51.76m
4/9/11 Ohio Women’s Team Challenge (Athens, OH) 48.36m
4/15/11 All Ohio Championships (Cincinnati, OH) 51.55m
4/22/11 EMU Twilight (Ypsilanti, MI) 48.97m
5/5/11 Toledo Invitational (Toledo, OH) 49.44m
5/12/11 Mid American Conference (DeKalb, IL) 53.30m
6/25/11 USATF Junior Nationals (Eugene, OR) 52.43m
2011 Average: 50.77m

2012 Hammer Season
Date Meet Location Mark
3/17/12 Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) 54.03m
3/30/12 Dick Small (Defiance, OH) 56.16m
4/6/12 Michigan State (Lansing, MI) 61.22m
4/14/12 Jessie Owens (Columbus, OH) 58.88m
4/27/12 Ashland Alumni (Ashland, OH) 59.70m
5/3/12 University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) 59.43m
5/17/12 Tucson Elite (Tucson, Az) 58.44m
5/19/12 Tucson Elite (Tucson, Az) 58.19m
2012 Average: 58.26m

2013 Hammer Season
Date Meet Location Mark
3/29/13 Raleigh Relays (Raleigh, NC) 64.76m
4/5/13 Northwest Ohio Quad (Akron, OH) 66.99m
4/18/13 Mt. Sac Relays (Mt. Sac, CA) 65.06m
4/26/13 Ashland Alumni (Ashland, OH) 65.70m
5/9/13 Mid American Conference (Akron, OH) 65.91m
5/23/13 NCAA East Prelim (Greensboro, NC) 64.04m
6/5/13 NCAA D1 Nationals (Eugene, OR) 63.71m
6/22/13 USATF Nationals (Des Moines, IA) 63.64m
2013 Average: 64.97m

2014 Hammer Season
Date Meet Location Mark
4/12/14 All Ohio Championships (Cincinnati, OH) 65.34m
4/19/14 Kentucky Relays (Lexington, KY) 64.44m
4/25/14 Ashland Alumni (Ashland, OH) 64.77m
5/2/14 BG v. UT Duel (Bowling Green, OH) 63.56m
5/9/14 Toledo Invitational (Toledo, OH) 67.97m
5/15/14 Mid American Conference (Athens, OH) 66.68m
5/29/14 NCAA East Prelim (Jacksonville, FL) 65.88m
6/11/14 NCAA D1 Nationals (Eugene, OR) 64.48m
6/28/14 USATF Nationals (Sacramento, CA) 63.64m
8/8/14 NACAC U23 (Kamloops, BC) 64.60m
2014 Average: 65.14m

2015 Hammer Season
Date Meet Location Mark
4/3/15 Toledo v. Bowling Green (Toledo, OH) 67.77m
4/9/15 Tennessee Relays (Knoxville, TN) 63.92m
4/24/15 Ashland Alumni (Ashland, OH) 68.86m
5/1/15 Jessie Owens (Columbus, OH) 69.49m
5/14/15 Mid American Conference (Muncie, IN) 69.72m
5/28/15 NCAA East Prelim (Jacksonville, FL) 67.73m
6/12/15 NCAA D1 Nationals (Eugene, OR) 67.03m
6/27/15 USATF Nationals (Eugene, OR) 67.27m
7/10/15 Chicagoland Throw Series (Naperville, IL) 68.66m
2015 Average: 67.83m


Brooke Pleger

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