Good Luck to all Competing Athletes!

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Find your favorite competitors and their prelim times (all times Eastern)
Throws | Jumps | Multis
Mid-Distance | Distance
Sprints & Hurdles | Racewalk



Women: August 28; Group A at 7am, Group B at 8:25am
Men: August 24: Group A at 7am, Group B at 8:25am


Women: August 25; Group A at 9:30pm, Group B at 10:55pm
Men: August 21; Group A at 9:30pm, Group B at 10:55pm

Shot Put

Women: August 21 at 10:10pm
Men: August 22 at 10:05pm


Women: August 23; Group A at 9:35pm, Group B at 10:55pm


Pole Vault

Women: August 24 at 9:30pm
Men: August 22 at 6:40am

Triple Jump

Men: August 25 at 10pm




Middle Distance

800 Meters

Women: August 25 at 10:25pm
Men: August 21 at 11:50pm


Women: August 23 at 9:45pm
Men: August 21 at 10:25pm


5000 Meters

Women: August 26 at 9:40pm
Men: August 25 at 9:35pm


Men: August 21 at 7:35pm

Sprints & Hurdles

100 Meters

Women: August 23 at 12:00am

400 Meters

Women: August 23 at 10:45pm

110 Meter Hurdles

Men: August 25 at 11:20pm


400 Meter Hurdles

Women: August 22 at 10:25pm


20 Kilometer Walk

Women: August 27 at 8:30pm

For streaming and TV coverage information, check out’s post with the latest details
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