Getting Over the Hurdles

It seems like lately I’ve had to overcome trial after trial and just can’t seem to catch a break. It started with a pain in the butt (literally in my upper hamstring) that wouldn’t go away with any treatment. Then I finally realized another group of muscles was causing the pain and I’d been treating the wrong injury all along. Finally I was getting better and had a great workout a few weeks ago, and then WHAM! I got hit with bronchitis and was out (literally just sleeping) for a week.

Coach Carrie Lane overseeing hurdle drills

It’s times like these when it’s easy to start dwelling on how “far behind” in training you are. It’s easy to mistakingly view every trial as a setback, a negative thing with no value. But lately, I’ve been trying to visualize every trial I face as a hurdle that will only make me stronger once I clear it.


I’m no steeplechaser, but I’ve gone over my fair share of real hurdles pre or post-workout. I do these drills to get stronger, quicker and more flexible. In the same way, the “hurdles” or trials I’ve been facing lately can be positive influences to my overall training plan. Although injury and sickness may seem like nothing but setbacks, once you’ve cleared these “hurdles” you come back stronger for having dealt with the adversity. You come back more “flexible” in the sense that you know a day off here or there won’t kill your training because you’ve come back from taking months off at a time. Finally, once you’ve cleared the hurdles of adversity once, it makes you even more hungry for the next.


These are the things I keep telling myself as outdoor track season begins. I’d love to be out there racing in a week, but like any talented hurdler knows, you can’t go breaking records if you’ve only just mastered the little training hurdles. I’m sure my fitness is actually a lot further than I’m giving myself credit, but to say I’m where I wanted to be this April would be a lie. Instead, know I have to keep the faith, remember that God is in control, and when the timing is right things will fall into place. I’ve still got a lot of hard work to put in, and wouldn’t be surprised if life throws more hurdles my way, but at least this time if that happens, I’ll be ready.

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