From Aspiring Olympian to Fan

Brianna Glenn moved on a few years ago from being a terrific long jump/sprinter with NCAA and USA Nat’l champion titles on her athletic resume. Brianna now runs her own boutique travel agency called Milk and Honey Travels. She specializes in creating tailor-made vacations for travelers seeking an authentic experience.

Here she reflects on the change from being an aspiring Olympian to being a fan.

For the past 12 days I’ve been glued to my T.V. and computer watching the events of the 2016 Olympic Games. I watch it all, preferably live streamed over the computer so I can see the action as it unfolds and get a little more action and a little less pre-packaged backstory. It’s been tough to be super productive, especially since track and field has started.

But I also believe that being an avid watcher is good for business. Not only do I have clients there experiencing the games firsthand, I also have a handful of athletes that have become clients, and have awesome trips planned for later this year.

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When I stop and think of where I was at this exact time four years ago, its so crazy to think how much life can change. Four years ago I could barely watch the Olympics, after missing making the team by mere centimeters. There was a rawness surrounding my heart that didn’t really allow me to appreciate it from a fan perspective. But now I embrace it completely.

This time around, I am simply a fan— and that’s still a little weird. Here I am at this chapter of my life in a career that is so different from my old one, that it still kind of shocks me. I cannot compare, because that isn’t even possible let alone fair, but I can just sit here and acknowledge it all with gratitude. I am doing something I love and am passionate about with my career, and I have the experiences of my past career that will always be a part of me.

I love the Olympics, and all that it embodies. I watch all of these athletes that have the honor of competing on sport’s biggest stage, and whether their story is one of heartache or triumph at the end of their competition, that journey is one to be incredibly proud of. For four straight Olympics I watched from the perspective of a hopeful, and this time I am watching from the perspective of a fan. I’m glad that I had that dream and goal that I poured my heart and soul into. But it’s also a lot lighter watching without that added element.

So, that is my bit of nostalgia for the week. My love for travel came from being able to travel the world as a professional athlete, and my experiences of chasing my Olympic dream are certainly what has shaped so much of who I am today. Thank you for allowing me to share with you all parts of me that have brought me where I am now.

All the best,


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