Forest Fire

by Emi Trost

from Forever on Fire

I love writing poetry because it expresses my deep feelings and thoughts in a way that is otherwise indescribable. The past year was unlike anything I have ever experienced and it would take forever to recount. So I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote called “Forest Fire” as a reflection on the hurt and healing I felt from this past year.

Glancing back I can see,
The flames surrounding me.
Small sparks mounted higher,
It was the year of the forest fire.

Devastating and vast,
The hot blaze traveled fast.
At the time I could not feel,
But the pain and heat were real.

Fear, anxiety loomed,
Heavy underbrush consumed.
Like a pine tree in the wood,
I wondered how this was good.

But through the heat I endured,
My bark thick, my core secured.
By God’s good grace and strong hand,
I was given strength to stand.

The fire left a scar or two,
And cleared my tangled forest view.
It provided space to grow,
Despite hurt it had to show.

Once dark and dim like the night,
The forest now filled with light.
Renewing rain came down,
Awakening growth all around.

The forest charred and black,
In time started growing back.
Trials, fire will come once more,
But I am stronger than before.

Forever On Fire,

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