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Hello Everybody! I feel like SO much has happened in the last couple weeks since I have updated my blog, and now I don’t know where to begin 🙂


I had literally zero time to bask in the glory of winning gold and breaking the American Record in the 4X800 relay at World Relays, because a few short days later I was on a plane. This time, right back down south to Kingston, Jamaica for the Jamaica International Athletics meeting. It was a decent race for me. I placed second and ran 2:01.06. You can watch it here:


Next, I was off to Shanghai, China for another 800. I had never been to China before so I was excited to see the culture. On Friday before the race, me and a couple girl friends took a cab to what the locals call the “Fake Market.”



Here, there were hundreds of designer bags, sunglasses, clothes, and jewelry tucked away in the side streets. As to no surprise, I was in heaven. Kate Spade, Tory Burch, you name it! The race went just “ok” again, and I placed 4th and ran 2:01.3. You can watch it here:


The last couple races have been a little frustrating for me. Although I am in the best shape of my life, my race tactics and the risks I have not taken, have put me in difficult spots in racing. My goal is to take more risks in my last two races before USA Championships (June 25-28). I am racing June 4th in a local Indianapolis road mile just for fun, then heading to Nashville, Tennessee to the Music City Distance Carnival. I think there will be a live feed with the races this year at:



I race around 7:20 PM, and I am racing the 800 meters!


In addition to all of my international track & field adventures this Spring, my sister had her baby boy!  Meet Caleb William Hass, 6 LBS 14 OZ. This completes her little family of 5 (I think, and I kinda hope not). 


It has been so wonderful to be back in the United States for a month or so before heading off to Europe after USA Championships in June. Until next time,

Molly 🙂

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