Fall Training 2016

Hello everyone! Let me start by once again thanking everyone who followed and supported my journey as I took on the task of trying to make the 2016 Olympic Team. Although I was unable to meet the Olympic Standard and make it to Rio, there were a lot of positive take-aways from the season. I set another new personal best, finished 5th in the country at the end of the year, placed 7th at my first Olympic Trials, and competed in my first international meet. With my most consistent season behind me, I am looking forward to the next year of training and competing.

After my last competition in July, I took an entire 2 weeks off to let my body rest relax after another long season. The next 2 weeks was time spent working on a few mobility issues I had been dealing with throughout the season. Once September started, my new programming began. For about 6 weeks, I did a very basic strength program to get used to some resistance work again and gauge where I was at physically. On the javelin side of things, I am only throwing 1 day per week with javelins and really going back to basics. After a week of recovery and light training, I am in my 2nd phase of getting fit. In this phase, I am building of the work I did in my 1st phase and adding in more stability work. Almost every day has some elements of stability. By taking my medball or weight room exercises and doing them in a single leg and/or single arm fashion, or by doing the movement on a different surface (a bosu ball, balance platform or uneven surface), I am creating more strength through the movements which is will set up a great base for me as I progress through the year. The most important part of these first 2 phases is to have a lot of fun! Getting back into this kind of training is never easy, so I am not doing anything too serious as of yet. I am challenging myself with a few new training methods, but mixing it up and keeping things interesting.

My goals this year are to put myself in the best situation to win at USATF Nationals in June and make Team USA for the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London next August. There will be a lot of great competition and I am looking forward to the challenge. I am also looking to put together some fundraiser campaigns again. I will have that information soon! And lastly, I am going to try and be more proactive with an interactive blog with videos of training, Q&A online, and more written posts! Stay tuned everyone!

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