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Have you ever been stuck in a phase of feeling dull or useless? Did you find yourself moping, unconfident, or even to a point where your motivation was dwindling? You continued going through the motions to your maximum capacity but it seemed likenothing could uplift your spirits…so have you been there?

I was experiencing this for a period of time throughout the winter months. I’m sure everyone has differences in the specific reasons that got them to that point, but in general, it often comes from the feeling of not achieving what you envision to be your full potential. I bring this up in order to present you with some incredible news:Jesus Christ, who died on the cross so that we may be made righteous in spite of our sinfulness, LIVES IN US. After hearing this in different ways and conversing about this truth over and over, it’s starting to sink in. Yeah, I am weak…. God knows that. But with Him living in me, truly nothing is impossible (whether my will aligns with His will is a different story). That being said, there is no way I want to live a dull life. I don’t want to squander the Holy Spirit inside me. This may sound silly, but Kyle and I made a commitment to no longer give weak high-fives or pounds. Nah, someone empowered by the Holy Spirit does not give passive high-fives, they give “thank God for His blessings and love” high-fives.

having fun with a teammate
having fun with a teammate

So, with an attitude of EMPOWERMENT, I competed in my first heptathlon of the year at the Olympic Training Center. The statistical results were not mind-blowing, but the overall experience was incredible. If I were living in the past, I would have been severely disappointed, but for the reality of this season, my marks were right in the ranges we predicted. But here is the big news: through 7 events, knowing how much of a perfectionist I’ve been (and never satisfied), I remained joyful! Again, maybe this sounds silly to you, but it has been years since I’ve competed in a heptathlon and walked away from each event thankful to be out there and pumped to proceed onto the next event. Some of the officials made a comment to me “You were smiling the whole time like you did in high school”. Whew, God is good. I know I’m working hard to compete well and that is all that I can control. But God is sovereign, wise, and loving… I’m in good hands. So are you.

OTC heptathlon
OTC heptathlon

To wrap things up and look forward, I was invited to compete for Team USA at the Capital Cup in Ottawa, Canada. From there I will be seeing an incredibly gifted doctor in Toronto to do some imaging on this lingering hip issue. My mom and I will then travel back to Pennsylvania. The remainder of the season will be determined by this doctor’s visit: I’ll either continue competing through the summer (get a 400m hurdle race in) or take the proper measures to fix this hip and get started on OLYMPIC YEAR training! Looking forward to reconnecting with my hometown support group!

rk- otc jav
Side note: I’m looking for sponsorship! If you know of a company willing to help out an athlete, please let me know! I’d love to partake in a mutually beneficial partnership- and one that can be used to REACH OTHERS in love!

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