Craig Lutz’s Next Journey

Last week, Craig Lutz announced his retirement from full-time running to focus his attention on a burgeoning career with HOKA ONE ONE. Make sure to check out the NAZ Elite blog to read his full post on the decision here.

In short, Craig’s career in running included national attention in high school following his win at the Nike Cross Country Nationals in 2009, a challenging career at the University of Texas, and a resurgence to the national scene under the tutelage of Ben Rosario and Northern Arizona Elite.

In the last paragraph of his post, Craig writes, “Don’t hesitate to share this post with a story from our paths crossing out there,” and we are going to do exactly that.

We initially connected with Craig in 2015, and he made an immediate impact on the early vision of AthleteBiz and our programs. He was one of the first athletes to embrace the idea of generating traffic through great story telling of his athlete experience. You can read through his previous articles here, during which he chronicles his transition from college to the pro ranks and the real-life ups and downs of tackling a career in professional running.

Additionally, Craig guided the future of many of our programs through being on our Athlete Advisory Group, through which his fan and social media engagement experience assisted us in reviewing new programs.

On his transition, Craig stated, “As for my current state of affairs, I am moving on to a different side of the running world. I will be continuing to work for HOKA ONE ONE out here in Santa Barbara…A big thanks to Mike McManus, Lee Cox, and Ian Hill for seeing *other* talent within me, other than the one that got me in a pair of HOKAs in the first place.” He has made the move we see as possible for all athletes in our great sport, to embark on your next path with the same level of excitement as was once held in athletics. We know there are many organizations out there who have a need for the ‘other’ talents of professional athletes, which is the motivation behind our YourNextSuccess program.

Here’s to your next journey Craig!

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