Cheers to Two Weeks!

from Sarah Runs the City

Today I am two weeks post-op! Yesterday I had my first in home PT session. Friday I returned to HSS for a post-op appointment with Dr. Allen. My stitches were removed and my brace extended from 60 degrees of flexion to 30! I will be getting back to work this week, but before I do I quick how-to guide:

How-To Trick Amazon’s Recommendation Algorithm Into Thinking You’re a Senior Citizen:

Did you think I was going to teach you how to rupture your hamstring?! In all seriousness, there are very few resources available online to help prepare for a hamstring repair: before, during hospital stay, and after. I was lucky to find a few good ones here, here and here, and am so grateful for extensive and ongoing communication with surgery veterans Michelle and Heather. Hopefully these ridiculous lists serve as a resource for others facing similar procedures!

Shopping List:

  1. Amazon Dot/Alexa
  2. Heavy Duty Crutch Tips
  3. Crutcheze: Crutch Pads + Crutch Bag
  4. Slippers/No-Slip Socks
  5. Body Pillow: essential for sleeping in the brace
  6. Slip-On Shoes/Hickies
  7. Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms
  8. Hip Replacement Kit: 26″ Grabber, Contoured Sponge, Sock & Stocking Aid, 18″ Plastic Shoehorn
  9. Shewee
  10. Ischial Tuberosity Pillow
  11. Baby Wipes
  12. Dry Shampoo
  13. Bed Pads 
  14. Nathan Power Shower 
  15. MedMobile Bathtub Grab Bar
  16. Safety Grab Bar 
  17. Side Snap/Velcro Thongs
  18. Thin Tapered Workout Pants: make sure you really like these because you won’t be taking them off for 10 days. Wear/bring these to the hospital
  19. Walker/Crutch Cup Holder
  20. Razor Extension
  21. Backpack
  22. Side Snap Warm Up Pants
  23. Waterproof Band Aids

Note: These are the need to haves. Nice to haves not included!

To Do List:

  1. Archie Bunker Chair (Couch)
  2. Line up six weeks of assisted living (babysitting!!)
  3. Move everything you might possibly need to high shelves/cabinets
  4. Clean
  5. Do Laundry
  6. Mani/Pedi
  7. Grocery Shop
  8. Do Hair: you won’t be washing it anytime soon!
  9. Wax/Shave: same concept as above
  10. Prep ice packs
  11. Cancel all outings/trips within six weeks of surgery date
  12. Make a work from home plan
  13. Brace (yourself!) for the visuals below

10 Days Post-Op

24/7 with this rib to ankle monster for four more weeks!

The long crutch is the new long run!

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