Championship Season- with God, you ARE ready.

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For the NCAA, this is Conference Championship week. For high schools across the country, the State Championships are wrapping up or quickly approaching. Even for the professional athletes, the national teams will soon be selected. The track and field community is EXCITED! The athletes step onto the track ready to pour their hearts into the mission.


As I think about some of my upcoming meets, I struggle with the question: Am I prepared? Am I good enough?


In your life, what challenges and decisions are causing you to ask the same question… an upcoming job interview, a family decision, an opportunity to volunteer, picking a college, joining a church??!??


Recently, Kyle’s mom shared a book with me called Unstoppable by Christine Caine. I’d like to share a line with you: “If you seek God’s will, if you offer yourself to run his race, he will equip you to join or return to the race, no matter how impossible that may seem. Not only will he equip you as an individual runner for personal spiritual enrichment, but he will also train you as part of an unstoppable team, the church of Jesus Christ.”


when you commit to God's mission, keep your eyes up and allow the Spirit to guide you to great heights... look down and your jump may be cut short (like this!)
When you commit to God’s mission, keep your eyes up and allow the Spirit to guide you to great heights…if you are looking down (like this!), focused on the World, you may land early and miss out on divine appointments.

Get in the GAME- spread God’s love!


Quick Life Update:


BIG SHOUT OUT to Methacton Girl’s Track and Field… 10th straight League Championship! I’m more proud of the bond they have kept alive in this program. So full of LOVE and friendship!


victory lap
victory lap

My high school athletes in Phoenix just finished up the State Championship bringing home multiple 5th place finishes. Quick story: About midway through the season I began working with a talented high jump gal. She previously would arrive at a meet and run about 5 steps backwards from the high jump standard and put down her “starting mark” piece of tape… and she had plenty of success doing this for years. At practice one day, I completely revamped her approach so that she was taking 10 steps (with acceleration and a real curve) causing her to approach the bar with more speed (which can be intimidating). The point is: we made a big change to her whole idea of High Jump. The cool thing is that she approached this process with incredible amounts of trust in me… trust that this change would help her jump higher even though it certainly wasn’t immediate gratification. Because of her trust in me, I felt a special connection with her…. I wonder how God feels when we trust Him?


As far as my season goes, another trip to the Olympic Training Center for a heptathlon is on deck. This will give me more information about how we will approach the summer season. My hopes are to represent team USA in an international competition. I’m certainly not opposed to competing in some 400m Hurdle races too! 🙂 Further along in the summer, I hope to see a specialist to put the finishing touches on my healing-hip so that I can approach the Olympic year 100% ready to rock and roll. If you would like to book me, click here!

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